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Richard Mille

Among the top luxury watch manufacturers sits a relatively new brand, Richard Mille. Richard Mille watches entice the technology aficionados and the people who appreciate high-end engineering. Besides that, these timepieces feature a striking design and are some of the rarest you can find.

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Richard Mille models every enthusiast should know about

Richard Mille watches

Richard Mille has an impressive collection of watches under its roof. Among watch enthusiasts, it is not only the regular RM watches that attract them but it is also the models launched in collaboration with Rafael Nadal and Pharrell Williams. All these watches are technologically advanced and showcase exquisite designs.

RM 002

Richard Mille took the hearts of watch enthusiasts with its very first watch, the RM001. With the release of the RM002, they actually began a production run that was supposed to reach the masses. The watch was launched in rose and white gold and it had a completely distinctive design at the time. available in rose or white gold. It had a manual in-house caliber and even came with a power reserve indicator at 10:30. It got a tourbillon and a torque indicator.

The watch even came with a function selector that showed which mode the watch is in. The three letters corresponding to the dial were W, H, and N, which represented winding, hands and neutral, respectively. While the first one is self-explanatory, H symbol basically means the watch is in time-setting mode, and the user can rotate the crown to set the time. The functions were easily switchable using a button on the crown.

RM 004

As they had already built the hype among watch enthusiasts, Richard Mille had to do something groundbreaking with the launch of the RM004. The Swiss watchmaker decided to take out the tourbillon and justify the move by adding a split-seconds chronograph. In order to use the chronograph, one just has to use the three pushers available on the case. It was a technologically advanced chronograph at the time. The watch took advantage of the two central chronograph seconds hands and a 30-minute counter to keep track of the elapsed time. Also, it features a small seconds dial to round off the displays.

RM 011

Richard Mille has had many brand ambassadors over the years but the first one was the former Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa. Due to the race car driver’s partnership, the manufacturer produced vicarious special edition watches. One of the popular special edition models has to be the RM 011 Felipe Massa. It is a flyback chronograph that comes with an annual calendar. It even comes with displays for the date and month. The watch has features an automatic caliber and it is built on a titanium baseplate. The special edition watch also comes with a variable geometry rotor and has a sapphire crystal case back.

The RM 011 was not only famous for the special edition watch but it also laid the foundation for an entire sports chronograph series. The chronograph models launched after that were called the RM 11-01 and RM 11-02.

One of the recently launched watches is the RM 11-04, which is another Automatic Flyback Chronograph Roberto Mancini. It was made in collaboration with Roberto Mancini, the Italian football manager. It was not the first Mancini model, but this one came with the colors of the Italian flag with the shade of blue worn by the country’s national team.

Rafael Nadal series

One of the most successful collaborations in Richard Mille’s history was the Rafael Nadal collaboration. If you might have noticed, Rafael Nadal is mostly seen wearing Richard Mille watches, even on the tennis court. This clearly shows that these watches are not only reliable but also durable enough. The Swiss manufacturer has been working with Nadal for over a decade and they have produced some really stunning watch designs.

Richard Mille rafael nadal edition

Two of the more popular models in the series were the RM 035 and RM 27-03. The latter is a two-hand watch that gets its inspiration from the Spain flag as it showcases the case’s bright red and yellow colors. The RM 27-03’s case body is made of Carbon TPT, which makes it a very light yet robust wristwatch. It is a robust timepiece, rated to survive up to 10,000 g’s of force.

The RM 035, is a three-hand watch that has its case made out of the extremely robust AL magnesium (aluminum-magnesium-copper) alloy. The alloy is melted into a kind of ceramic in a plasma oven to give it an even more so robust nature.

RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams

Richard Mille RM 52-05 is like no other watch on the planet. The timepiece features a unique dial that makes it easily distinguishable from other Richard Mille watches. The design team has managed to craft an astronaut’s helmet whose face showcases the Martian landscape. While the whole helmet area is made out of titanium, RM used layers of enamel for the mars surface.

If that was not enough to get you excited, the timepiece also features a  robust brown Cermet bezel. On the inside, the watch is getting all the power it needs from the RM50-03 manual caliber that boasts a power reserve of 42 hours. As gorgeous as it sounds, getting hold of this timepiece is not easy. The Swiss watchmaker made only 30 of these, each retailing at a whopping price of $1.22 million (roughly AED 3.7 million).

RM UP-01 Ferrari

Richard Mille recently launched the world’s thinnest mechanical watch and named it RM UP-01, where UP stands for Ultra Plat ( French for ‘Ultra Flat’). The watch was launched in collaboration with the car brand Ferrari. The watch is 1.75mm thick and made of Grade 5 titanium. The watch is limited to 150 pieces and was launched for a whopping $1.88 million. The watch features two different crowns. While one is used for function selection, the other is used for function setting. To keep it thin, the movement has been assembled directly in the case. Overall, this timepiece is a pure marvel.

RM 88 Smiley

Richard Mille RM 88 Automatic Tourbillion Smiley is a limited edition watch launched to celebrate 50 years of the Smiley illustration. The illustration was drawn by Franklin Loufrani in 1972. This timepiece has been under development for the past 3 years. It consists of various gold miniatures that make the watch look special. You can read more about the watch in our Richard Mille RM 88 blog post.

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RM ferrari thinnest watch

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Richard Mille gold bezel and red bracelet

Driving the Richard Mille obsession among watch aficionados

Since its establishment, Richard Mille has been offering watchmaking at its finest. With a striking design and exceptional technological advancements, these watches are some of the best in the industry. The limited quantity and the fact that it is on the wrists of some of the most influential people in the world drive a lot of attention from watch enthusiasts. If you have been thinking of buying Richard Mille, here are all the reasons why you should just pick one right away.

Short yet impressive history

Richard Mille was founded by two friends, Richard Mille and Dominique Guenat, in 2001 and the RM01 was the first watch in their portfolio. While the company was founded in 2001, its research and development began in 1999. in 2001. In the world of Rolex and Patek, Richard Mille stands to be a relatively newer player. They still managed to gain such success in a short span of time. This was possible due to the fact that the Richard Mille brand came in cooperation with Audemars Piguet, a pioneer in the watchmaking industry.

Both Dominique and Richard are obsessed with motorsports and aviation. This is why the theme of all Richard Mille watches is precession and high-end engineering.


Richard Mille has always been pushing the boundaries when it comes to using the latest and greatest technology to build wristwatches. The company launched the RM002 just one year after its first watch was launched. The RM002 was the first watch to come with a titanium-based plate, a material that is also used in airspace. This also led to the manufacturing of the RM27-03 tourbillon, which was able to withstand forces up to 10,000g. In order to bring that into perspective, a fighter jet pilot has to endure a force of 9g within its jet.

Richard Mille green dial


While that in itself is quite impressive, Richard Mille never stopped innovating. The company has also built one of the world’s most precise watches, the RM 031. The watch gets a splendid accuracy of +/-20 seconds per month. RM has also released one of the lightest wristwatches with a tourbillon.

The company has been able to achieve this by bringing all the different watch departments under one roof. This helps them keep the entire production line together and make sure everything is as precise as possible.

Besides developing their own concepts, they also develop their own tools. Every Richard Mille watch has a special RM screw that requires special tools.

Limited quantity

You can find an overwhelming amount of technical finesse in an RM watch. When combined with various complications and exceptional mechanical concepts, a Richard Mille watch takes a lot more time to manufacture than a usual timepiece. Due to this fact, the company is able to manufacture only a limited amount of watches every year.

This is also due to the fact that every Richard Mille watch is developed and manufactured from the ground up. The company even makes special screws for every watch, which means they even have to develop and work with new tools every time.

The Swiss watchmaker claims that with their years of development experience and improving technology, they will be able to produce more watches per year. However, as of now, the company is only able to manufacture fewer than 5,000 watches per year.

Popular among celebrities

Richard Mille watches have gained much of their popularity by gaining a spot at the wrist of some of the most elite people in the world. Since the RM chronographs are designed to be durable, they are seen on the wrists of athletes like Rafael Nadal, Fernando Alonso, Odell Beckham Jr, Neymar, among others. Besides that, the stunning designs of these watches have also attracted artists like Jackie Chan, Drake, Post Malone and Pharrell Williams.

Looking at these famous people wearing a Richard Mille at public appearances makes watch enthusiasts and fans want to have one in their collection.

Frequently asked questions by people looking to buy Richard Mille

How much does a Richard Mille watch costs?

The retail prices of Richard Mille watches range anywhere from $60,000 to $1.3 million. However, due to the huge demand and low supply, the price in the secondary market is substantially more than the retail price.

How many Richard Mille watches are made in a year?

Richard Mille has a very complex production method and due to that fewer than 5,000 RM watches are made in a year. The company aims to bring this number up in the coming years.

Who owns Richard Mille?

Richard Mille was founded in 2001 by two friends, Dominique Guenat and Richard Mille and the company is still run by them.

Which are the famous celebrities seen wearing a Richard Mille watch?

Richard Mille watches can be seen on the wrists of some popular celebrities including Pharrell Williams, Kanye West and Chris Brown. The watch has also been spotted on the wrists of comedians Kevin Hart and Terry Crews and actor Joe Manganiello. Brazilian footballer Neymar da Silva has also been wearing a Richard Mille watch.

Can I sell my Richard Mille watch in Dubai?

Yes. With the sell my watch option at WatchMaestro, you can sell your watch for a great price in Dubai hassle-free.

Are Richard Mille watches cheaper in Dubai?

Due to the lower taxes, the Richard Mille watches are relatively cheaper to buy from the UAE. You can get an even better deal if you buy the watch from WatchMaestro.

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