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Tudor Watches

Founded by Hans Wilsdorf, Tudor watches aim to offer robust quality, precision, style and reliability at a more accessible price point. The Swiss watch manufacturer has developed a portfolio of unique and stunning watches that harness the power of technological advancements alongside an acute taste of pioneering heritage.

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Tudor Watch Price in UAE

Model Retail Price in Dubai
Tudor Black Bay 58 GMT AED 18,180
Tudor Black Bay 41mm with Strap AED 16,740
Tudor Pelagos 39mm AED 18,550
Tudor Black Bay 58 Yellow Gold AED 126,900
Tudor Ranger Steel AED 13,080

The above-mentioned prices are as per the official Tudor website. Most Tudor watches are generally available as you walk-in to a store, and those watches can be found for cheaper in the secondary market. However, there are a few models that are more limited and harder to get from the AD. But for those, WatchMaestro can help you out!

Tudor watches – Fusion of luxury and style

Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, established another watch brand dubbed Tudor in 1926. While the brand was established in 1926, Wilsdorf took 20 years before he presented the first Tudor watch in front of the public. In 1946, after the end of World War II, he showcased the first Tudor watch models to the world. With the aim of offering high-grade watches at moderate prices, Wilsdorf launched a series of men’s and women’s watches under the new brand.

Tudor watch collection

As for the brand name itself, Wilsdorf used the name Tudor as he wanted to pay homage to the Tudor dynasty. The first logo of Tudor also featured a rose, which was a very popular symbol for the Tudor dynasty. For those who are unfamiliar with it, the dynasty ruled the kingdom of England from 1485 to 1603.

The main idea behind introducing a whole other brand was that Hans Wilsdorf wanted to offer high-end watches at affordable prices without affecting damaging the Rolex branding. For a long time, Tudor watches shared certain parts with Rolex, including cases, bracelets, and crowns as well as the a similar design. They combined it with off-the-shelves ETA movements instead of using in-house movements. This helped them keep the prices down for these watches.

Durable Tudor watches

In order to advertise the durability of Tudor watches, the company even ran an advertising campaign in 1940s. They had put some of the Tudor watches on the wrists of coal miners to showcase that the watches are fit for rough and tough scenarios.

In the 1960s, the brand switched its logo to the shield, which is now seen on modern Tudor watches. This helped the company to move out from just attracting the British to bringing it to the wrists of people around the globe.

Over the years, the brand has had a few speed bumps but it is now back on track. Tudor is considered one of the luxury brands that watch aficionados want to have in their collection.


Impressive Tudor Watch Collection

Tudor has a huge collection of watches on offer. Many of the watches that you will see actually go head to head against Rolex. For a Daytona, you can find a Tudor Montecarlo. There is even a Tudor Black Bay GMT Pepsi that goes up against the GMT Master II Pepsi. There are quite a lot of classic, sports and diving watches available under the Tudor brand.

Here are some of the popular Tudor collections available:

  • Oyster Prince
  • Black Bay
  • Heritage Chrono
  • Glamour

Oyster Prince

Even though the Tudor Oyster Prince collection has now been discontinued, it played a major role in giving birth to the other collection. Oyster Prince was launched back in 1952 and as the name suggests the watch came with the popular Oyster Case by Rolex making it water-resistant.

Following that, Tudor introduced the Oyster Prince Submariner in 1954. It is a professional diver watch and both the name and the design of the watch are reminiscent of the Rolex Submariner. Tudor even secured a partnership with the French Marines in the 1970s. As a part of the deal, Tudor supplied them with robust Submariner watches for years to come.

Black Bay

In the current Tudor lineup, the most popular collection is the Black Bay series. The collection was first launched in 2012 and it brought the modern incarnation of the iconic Submariner design. While a 2012 launch makes it sound all modern, the watch still had its roots from the watches that date way back to 1954.

Tudor-Black-bay-GMT Christmas

As for the present, the Tudor Black Bay collection now includes more than a dozen variations. These different models range from three-hand time-only watches to high-performance chronographs. While some of these watches honor the legendary watches of the past, others reimagine the art of watchmaking.

All the watches in the Black Bay collection share Tudor’s exquisite design language. The sport watches are set apart from others and most of them come with the Snowflake hands, which first appeared back in 1969. Taking traits from the Submariner collection, these watches also come with a broader hour hand and larger luminous for better legibility underwater.

It is also worth pointing out that when the Black Bay models first arrived in 2012, they were using an off-the-shelf ETA movement. In 2016, however, the company launched watches equipped with an in-house Tudor movement. Today, these watches are even worn by celebrities. Recently, David Beckham did a commercial with Tudor, where he can be seen happy wearing the new Black Bay model.

Heritage Chrono

Heritage, just as it sounds, is a collection of watches that are inspired by the vintage designs of the brand. Tudor Heritage Black Bay collection is not just a rework of a single vintage watch. Rather, the Heritage collection takes the best parts from various watches and incorporates them into one making the perfect fusion.

These Heritage watches are easily recognizable thanks to the special design elements. These elements include a matte dial, large crown without crown guards and snowflake hands. Since there are a huge collection of watches available under the roof of the collection, Tudor makes sure that everyone finds something for their taste and preferences.


Tudor Glamour collection is an alternative for people looking to buy the Day-Date or the Datejust. Under the Glamour collection, there are various classic and elegant watches available. These watches include the Tudor Glamour Date+Day, Glamour Date and the Glamour Double Date.

The Glamour Date is available in 26mm and 36mm dial sizes. As for the Date+Day models, they come in 39mm case sizes. Lastly, the Double Date has the largest dial of all the Glamour collections at 42mm. With that being said, the buyers not only get an option in terms of the watch type but also in the dial sizes.

For materials, these Glamour watches either use steel or a combination of teel and gold. The buyers can further customize these watches by going in with steel, steel, and gold or a leather bracelet. There is also an option to choose between a smooth and a diamond-set bezel.

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Frequently asked questions about Tudor watches

Which is the most expensive Tudor watch?

The most expensive Tudor watch ever sold is the Tudor Black Bay Bronze. The watch was sold at a charity auction for a breathtaking price of $351,264.57 (roughly AED 1,290,184.05).

Do Tudor watches hold their value?

Yes, some Tudor watches are not only able to hold their value but have managed to appreciate in value over time.

Where can I sell my Tudor watch in Dubai?

If you are looking to sell your Tudor watch, you can reach out WatchMaestro without any hesitation. Our team will thoroughly inspect and evaluate your watch to derive the best value for it.

Can I swap my Tudor watch for something else in Dubai?

Absolutely. You can swap your Tudor watch with any of the watches listed on WatchMaestro. If the watch you want in exchange is not available with us, you can still reach out to us and we will list your watch on our trade page.

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