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Buying diamond watches or fully iced watches has never been easier. Now, get iced out Rolex, Cartier, Hublot, AP, Patek Philippe and other watches at the right price in Dubai. With assurance of the watch's authenticity, you can now get watches with factory diamonds or top-notch aftermarket VVS diamond watches from WatchMaestro. Check out our available stock of iced watches here.

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Factory Diamonds vs Aftermarket Diamonds

When looking at the dazzling world of diamond watches, the choice between factory diamonds and aftermarket diamonds is crucial. But what is the difference and which one holds better value in the future? Here’s a quick comparison.

Factory Diamond Watches Aftermarket Diamond Watches
  • Factory Diamond Watches are the ones that come with diamonds on them from the manufacturer.
  • Once you have bought a simple stainless steel watch and you would like to jazz it up a little, you can get it treated with aftermarket diamonds.
  • You can be assured that only the highest quality of diamonds are used as long as you are purchasing the watch from one of the top watch brands.
  • The quality of the diamonds totally depends on how much are you willing to spend on the aftermarket treatment. You can get anywhere from lab diamonds to top-quality VVS diamonds.
  • These watches tend to hold a better value just because they were never tampered with and were shipped as is by factory.
  • Once you do the aftermarket treatment, these watches tend to lose value as the jeweler or watchmaker has to punch holes into the watch in order to make space for a diamond setting. This is why it is best to buy a bustdown Rolex or any other diamond watch directly from a pre-owned watch dealer instead of getting a regular watch and then icing it later.

Diamond Watches for Men

Diamond watches tend to add that bling on your wrist pulling more attention towards you than you would expect. This is why men used to refrain from getting such watches. However, lately, rappers, musicians, and influencers have normalized wearing a dazzling diamond watch on the wrist of men. So, if you are looking for a diamond watch for yourself, you can look at the options available on this page.

Alternatively, you can pick a watch that you would want to be iced out and WatchMaestro can get it for you. In a time frame of 2 weeks, we will find the piece that you want, cover it with the best quality diamonds, and deliver it to you. Get in touch with our team today to know more.

Female Diamond Watches

There are relatively more options out there when you look for female watches with diamonds. When you go for the factory diamonds, you have the option of getting just the bezel with diamonds while the rest of the watch can be classic. Similarly, some watches come with diamonds on the dial or diamonds on the part of the bracelet. Hence, giving you more options as a customer.

Just like the men’s diamond watches, female watches can also be iced out with aftermarket diamonds. So, if there is something particular that you want to be iced, we can help you with that.

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