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Patek Philippe

From launching the first wristwatch to creating remarkable new watches, Patek Philippe has not only impressed watch enthusiasts but also set a benchmark for the industry. Being one of the affluential brands in the premium timepiece game, Patek Philippe creates watches with some of the best materials, impressive complications, and striking designs.

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Patek Philippe – Giving birth to wristwatches

Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe & Co is a Swiss watch manufacturer committed to focusing on the complicated mechanical inner workings of a timepiece. They also have a commitment to hand-making every single part of the watch. This has helped the brand reach a point where it is regarded as one of the best in the world of luxury watchmaking.

Antoine Patek, the founder of the company, manufactured his first watch alongside Francois Czapek and called the company Patek, Czapek & the time. In 1844, Patek crossed paths with Jean Adrien Philippe, a French horologist, at an exposition in Paris. The two watch experts worked together and ended up giving birth to Patek Philippe & Co in 1851.

Charles and Jean Stern, the owners of Stern Frères watch dial factory, quietly acquired Patek, Philippe & Cie shares. Stern Frères were long-standing suppliers of the company. It was the commitment of the Stern family that turnaround the things for Patek Philippe bringing it to the spot it is standing today. Now, it is the only family-run watch manufacturer that has been running for generations in Geneva.

Patek philippe Nautilus gold with black strap

Achievements till date

Patek Philippe began manufacturing watches in 1839 and since then the company has produced fewer than a million watches. To put that into perspective, most luxury watch manufacturers produce a similar amount of watches in just one year. This is the reason behind the Patek watches being so rare and expensive.

By now Patek Philippe has made more innovations than any other watch brand. These achievements include the launch of the first bracelet wristwatch in 1868 and the most expensive watch sold at an auction. They also manufactured the most complicated watch ever called the Calibre 89. Made in 1989, Calibre 89 is a commemorative pocket watch released to celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary. Patek Philippe has been producing the most beautifully crafted and most accurate watches in the world. To date, the Swiss watch manufacturer has received over 80 patents on the chronograph, the minute repeater, the Gyromax balance spring, and many more.

Buy Patek Philippe watches from WatchMaestro

Patek Philippe manufactures around 60,000 watches every year, which is just a fraction of what other manufacturers are able to produce. This makes getting hold of one a tad bit more difficult. WatchMaestro solves this by becoming the bridge between you and your dream Patek Philippe watch. Our professional team will work towards bringing you the watch you want and even ensure a completely transparent, safe, secure and hassle-free transaction.

  • Get the exact watch you want
  • A fruitful deal
  • Safe, secure and hassle-free transaction

Get the exact watch you want

Patek Philippe watches are rare when compared to Rolex or any other brand. If you have been looking to buy Patek Philippe in Dubai, you are at the right place. We will not only get you a Patek but we will get the exact watch model you have been looking for. With our connections in the watch industry, we will get the watch you want in a short period of time.

Patek Philippe watch with brown strap

A fruitful deal

Patek watches are expensive but for all the right reasons. Even though you are spending a fortune on getting one of these, we will ensure that every penny is worth it. We do this by ensuring that you get the best-priced deal possible. Alongside, WatchMaestro also makes sure that the watch is in great condition and has a proper authentication certificate and a service record.

Along with the authenticity and the condition of the watch, our prices will be unmatched in the whole luxury watches Dubai industry.

Safe, secure and hassle-free transaction

While you are getting the best deal on your next watch, you also have to ensure the transaction goes smoothly and securely. With WatchMaestro, you never have to worry about that as you buy used Patek Philippe watches online from us. Our agents will ensure you have a hassle-free transaction. We accept bank transfers, cryptocurrency as well as cash for all transactions. We also make sure that from placing the order to getting the watch to you, everything takes place safely and securely.

Sell or Trade your Patek Philippe watch

Existing Patek Philippe owners can use WatchMaestro as a medium to sell their watch at a great price. For selling a timepiece, we have two options. Either you can sell the watch directly to us or you can get it listed on our website using our watch consignment service. You can also choose to trade your high-end watch for a Patek Philippe watch.

At WatchMaestro, we have the following options for Patek Philippe watches:

  • Sell your Patek Philippe
  • Consign your Patek Philippe to us
  • Trade Patek Philippe watches

Sell your Patek Philippe

WatchMaestro acts as a medium for you to sell your existing Patek Philippe watch. Selling the watch to us will not only fetch you a great value for your existing watch, but it will also happen completely hassle-free. Once our experts authenticate and evaluate your Patek watch, they will be able to determine the perfect price for your watch. As soon as we agree on the price, the amount will be immediately transferred to your bank account or your crypto wallet. If you are in the UAE, you can also choose to get paid in cash.

Consign your Patek Philippe to us

With the help of our watch consignment option, your Patek Philippe watch can be listed on our website at an agreed price. Until we find a suitable buyer, the watch remains yours. Once we do find someone, we will take care of the whole process and transfer the money as soon as the transaction is complete.

Trade Patek Philippe watches

If you already have a premium watch but want to get a Patek Philippe instead, you can use our watch trade option to swap your watch. It works the other way around too. If you have a Patek and you are looking for another Patek model or any other luxury watch, we have you covered there as well.

Popular Patek Philippe collections

Since Patek Philippe’s launch, they have created numerous watch models showcasing some of the best craftsmanship in the world of luxury watches. They also offer breathtaking designs and striking complications. Some of the popular watch models from Patek Philippe are listed here:

  • Nautilus
  • Aquanaut
  • Calatrava
  • Complications
  • Grand Complications


In the modern-day, the Nautilus is one of the most popular options among people looking to buy Patek Philippe watches. The watch was released in the 1970s and over the years it has gained immense popularity. If you are looking to buy Patek Philippe Nautilus today, you will have to wait through a huge waiting list due to the huge demand.

Patek Philippe Nautilus blue dial

One of the most popular models under the Nautilus collection was the 5711. The Swiss watch manufacturer discontinued the model in 2021. The model was considered the perfect sports watch featuring a 40mm dial.

Nautilus has over 27 models in the collection today. The watches are available in different precious metals including white gold, rose gold and stainless steel. There are even variants that are totally iced out (covered in diamonds). Some of them get different variations of complications.

While we cannot really talk about all the models, but one particular model that has caught the eye of many is the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712. The reference model is made out of stainless steel and comes with a moon phase and pointer date on one subdial. There are two more subdials showcasing the seconds and power reserve, respectively.


After the success of the Nautilus collection, Patek Philippe wanted to create a sports watch that appealed to the masses. That is how the first Aquanaut was born in 1997. It is a water-resistant watch that has a sportier edge over the Nautilus. The edge came with bold numerals and the iconic mid-century dial engraving.

Patek now has 17 models under this collection and they offer elegant bezels with brushed and polished casework. Some of these models also come with the company’s smart implication of dual time complication. These watches showcase the date on a subdial and even have dual-AM/PM indicators that make it a great traveler’s watch as well.

“You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.” – Patek Philippe


Patek Philippe introduced the Calatrava cross back in 1887 and it became the official symbol of the Geneva manufacture. Antoine Patek engraved the cross with Fleur-de-Lis ornaments on many Patek Philippe pocket watch cases. In Catholicism, the symbol represents a spiritual meaning as it is the emblem of the Order of Calatrava. Originated in the 12th century, the Order of Calatrava was a military order that had received papal approval after the knights saved a Spanish castle from an Arabic invasion.

With such a deep meaning attached to it, the Calatrava emblem now depicts the brand’s image and has been since engraved on the winding crowns, case bottoms, and closures of watches.

Calatrava – A symbol of fine watchmaking

While the symbol was already a part of the watches, Patek Philippe also wanted to use the name on its most manufactured watch model. In 1932, reference 96 was the first watch model to be called the Calatrava. It introduced the Bauhaus style, which comprised the predominant design of the timepiece. Calatrava is still a part of Patek Philippe’s collections and it exhibits a distinctive shape with clean lines for better legibility.

The Calatrava collection currently has 15 models out of which six are made of white gold and five of them use rose gold. There are two watch models each with yellow gold and platinum, respectively. The common characteristics of these watch models are the clear dial, the refined indices, and the small bezel.

Primarily, the Calatrava is a simple and elegant timepiece from the house of Patek Philippe. The watch is available for both men and women and has been passed on from one generation to the next.


Among other popular Patek Philippe collections sit the Complications collection. As the name suggests, the watches under this collection often come with two or more complications. Patek Philippe is currently offering 36 models under this collection that suit the needs of different types of users.

Patek Philippe watches buy online

One of the popular models in this collection is the 5396R, which is an automatic watch with a 24-hour hand on its subdial. There are also three separate apertures showing the day, date and month. Another sought-after watch under this collection would be the 5905, which offers a flyback chronograph and an annual calendar function inside a single watch. Similar to the 5396R, this one also has separate apertures to display day, date and month.

We cannot really miss our on the Complications World Timer 5231 when talking about the Complications collection. The watch comes with Atlantic-centric hand-painted enamel map. The cloisonné enamel represents Europe, Africa and the Americas and it is crafted entirely by hand. The enamel is a remarkable one for its detail, color and depth.

Grand Complications

Under the Grand Complications collection, Patek Philippe has 36 different models on offer. Some of these watch models come with minute repeaters and even tourbillons, which are rotating escapements. These watches also get incredible celestial maps.

One of the admired models in the collection is the 5204. The watch is known for highly complex manually wound movement as it combines a split-second chronograph, perpetual calendar and moon phase. What makes it so impressive is the fact that all of this is hand-fitted inside a 40mm case. Despite having so many complications, everything on the watch looks elegant and legible at the same time.

Patek Philippe’s cornerstone of success in the luxury watchmaking industry

Patek Philippe has been holding the top spot among the Swiss luxury watch brands for years now. The Swiss watch manufacturer has been able to achieve this by creating some of the most prestigious and high-end watches in the world. But what is it that makes a Patek so special? The combination of high-grade materials and exquisite craftsmanship with a pinch of heritage value attached to it. Here’s everything that makes Patek watches stand out from the crowd.

  • Exquisite craftsmanship
  • Top-notch quality
  • Heritage value
  • Patek Philippe Seal

Exquisite craftsmanship

Patek Philippe watches are known for their commitment towards handcrafting every watch. They offer the best craftsmanship along with impeccable attention to detail. Every element of a Patek watch is carefully handcrafted. Even the incredibly complex dials are assembled and finished manually.

Patek Philippe dial close look

On average, a Patek Philippe watch consists of 252 individual parts. All of them are brushed and decorated by hand The dials that are installed on these watches go through 200 different procedures. This is what makes each watch take at least four to six months to complete.

Top-notch quality

There is an immense amount of work and effort put into manufacturing a Patek Philippe watch. Besides that, the Swiss watch manufacturer also places high standards on training their employees. From the watchmaker to the salesperson, each and every person is professionally trained to offer the best output when it comes to quality.

To ensure top-notch quality, Patek Philippe also uses high-grade materials on all of its watches. Patek watches are either made with very high-grade stainless steel or they are made using precious metals like yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Some of these watches even have diamonds engraved on them.

Patek also took a lifetime service pledge in the world. This basically means that any Patek watch bought after 1839 up to the present can be restored and maintained.

Heritage value

Patek Philippe has been a patriot of the watchmaking industry since 1839 and they have created some incredible pocket watches. Being the first wristwatch manufacturer in the world, Patek Philippe also holds a huge heritage and emotional value among watch enthusiasts.

Since its incorporation, Patek Philippe has always ensured extremely high-quality standards. The manufacturer always believed in offering quality over quantity and this is why they produced less than 60,000 watches every year. These watches are still rare and this is what drives the pricing of Patek watches. The company also holds the record for “the most expensive watch ever sold” at an auction. Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication pocket watch was once sold at an auction for a jaw-dropping $23.98 million.

Patek Philippe Seal

In order to make sure all watches are of the highest quality, Patek Philippe introduced their own seal in 2008 called the Patek Philippe Seal. Before the seal was introduced, the company used the seal from Geneva Seal Bureau for 123 years. According to the Geneva Seal Bureau, certain criteria were imposed to maintain quality watch movements that should not bring question to the city’s reputation as the home of the finest watchmaking.

Patek Philippe seal, on the other hand, brings firm requirements for all aspects and components of a watch. The watches should also have timekeeping accuracy in order to receive the seal.

Frequently asked questions about buy Patek Philippe in Dubai

Is it hard to buy Patek Philippe in Dubai?

It is hard to get hold of a brand-new Patek due to the years-long worth of a waitlist. But with WatchMaestro, buying a Patek is as easy as it gets. You can just let us know about the watch that you have been looking for and our team will arrange it for you.

How can you buy Patek Philippe online in Dubai?

In order to buy Patek Philippe online, you can just use WatchMaestro to buy from our catalog. You can also place an order for the watch you want and our agents will arrange it for you.

Does a Patek Philippe watch holds its value?

Due to the huge demand, Patek Philippe watches not only hold their value but they appreciate over time. With that being the case, you can even invest in a Patek Philippe.

Who are some famous celebrities found wearing a Patek?

Patek Philippe watches have been spotted on the wrists of some very famous celebrities, including artists, actors, athletes and businessmen. These include Ed Sheeran, Drake, Tom Holland, Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Hart, Jason Statham, Conor McGregor, Brad Pitt, among others.

How much does a Patek Philippe watch cost?

A brand-new Patek Philippe can set you back anywhere from AED 45,000 to AED 7 million and above.

Which is the most popular Patek Philippe watch model?

The most popular model among Patek Philippe enthusiasts is the Nautilus 5711/1A. Many believe that it is arguably the most sought-after Patek watch manufactured to date.

Can I sell my Patek Philippe watch online in Dubai?

Definitely. You can sell your Patek Philippe watch at WatchMaestro using our simple and straightforward selling process. You can even consign your watch with us to get an even better deal.

Which is the most expensive Patek Philippe ever sold?

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A-010 is a vintage pocket watch that was sold at an auction for a jawdropping price of $31.19 million (roughly AED 114.5 million).

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