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Rolex Cellini

Rolex Cellini is one of the most underrated models in the company’s catalog. First launched in the 1960s, the Cellini lineup has a history attached to it. Unlike other models on offer, the Cellini has always been a model that Rolex could freely experiment with. Over the years, the watch has been launched in various case shapes and sizes. Different types of bracelets and movements have even complimented these.

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Popular Rolex Cellini Models

We have seen several Rolex Cellini models since its introduction. While various options have been available in the past, the lineup now consists of only one model. In 2022, Rolex discontinued the entire Cellini series leaving just one on the table. The only Rolex Cellini you can get now is the reference 50535 Moonphase.

Even though the rest have been discontinued, some of them managed to leave a mark. Here’s a look at all the popular Rolex Cellini models.

Cellini Moonphase

Cellini Moonphase

First introduced in 2017, the Rolex Cellini Moonphase is extremely special. To begin with, it is currently the only Rolex watch that features a moonphase complication. Now, it is also the only Cellini that you can buy directly from Rolex. The Cellini Moonphase features an elegant design and is only available in one variant. It is crafted from 18ct Rose Gold and features a 39mm case.

It is a work of art as it flaunts a white lacquer dial and even shows the date without having a date window. It does that by using a blue hand with a crescent moon tip pointing at numbers around the dial.

When it comes to picking up a brand-new Cellini Rolex in Dubai, this is the only option available now.

Cellini Time

In 2014, Rolex updated its Cellini lineup, and that is when Cellini Time became a part of the family. Discontinued in 2022, the watch still holds a special place in the hearts of Rolex Cellini fans. It was the simplest yet most modern-looking Rolex watch of that time. The watch had the regular three hands and a simple yet elegant dial.

Cellini Time features long baton-style hour markers along with Roman numerals at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock.

Cellini Date

Rolex Cellini Date carried a similar design language as the Cellini Time. The major difference was the existence of a date indicator in place of the 3 o’clock marker. Just like the Cellini Moonphase and Cellini Time, the Cellini Date was also offered in 18ct Everose gold. Additionally, the Swiss manufacturer even came up with the Cellini Date reference 50519 which featured a white gold case.

Cellini Midas

Cellini Midas

Rolex Cellini Midas or King Midas is one of the most popular Cellini models of all time. The iconic timepiece was designed by the legendary Gerald Genta in the 1960s. It featured a bold and angular design that was very different from a usual Rolex watch. Cellini Midas features a different case shape with an integrated bracelet.

Crafted out of gold, the King Midas was a square timepiece with an angled design on one side. The integrated bracelet was something Rolex fans had never seen before. With its unconventional design, the watch managed to impress a lot of watch enthusiasts. The series received a lot of attention after it was spotted on the wrist of American singer and actor, Elvis Presley.

The Cellini Midas series also got a few other variations with different straps and diamonds on the case.

Cellini Prince

Rolex Ceillini Prince is yet another Cellini model that has been discontinued. Rolex Prince was first launched back in 1928 and was discontinued about 12 years later. In 2005, the watch was reborn and was placed under the Cellini branding.

About Rolex Cellini –  A deep dive into the history

About Rolex Cellini

Rolex launched the first Cellini watch back in 1968. The model was named after Benvenuto Cellini, who was a goldsmith, sculptor and painter. The Florence-based Italian artist was known for creating some of the most iconic masterpieces during the Renaissance period.

Initially, the Cellini lineup gained its reputation for offering gold dress watches that only showed the time. These watches were powered by manual-winding movements. The main thing that kept the Cellini watches apart from all the other watches was the lack of a Rolex Oyster case.

In the Rolex language, Oyster refers to a case that has been built with water resistance in mind. Today, all Rolex watches feature the Oyster case, except the Cellini.

Rolex designed the Cellini with a different group of people in mind eliminating the idea of having an Oyster case.

Rolex Cellini Prices – How much does it cost?

Rolex Cellini is available only in one configuration, and most people can get a chance of getting one directly from the Rolex UAE retail store. There are not many pieces of reference 50535 seen on the secondary market. Even though there are not many available, the prices are mostly below retail.

Reference Retail Price Price on the secondary market
50535 AED 107,100 AED 102,000

Unlike the popular Rolex Hulk or Rolex Tiffany models, Rolex Cellini does not appreciate much in value. When it comes to Cellini Rolex Prices in Dubai, the watch does manage to hold its value by not going down in price by a huge margin. This is due to the fact that there is very little demand for these watches. Most people go after the more popular timepieces offered by the Swiss manufacturer.

Frequently asked questions about Rolex Cellini

What is the price range for the Rolex Cellini collection?

The new Rolex Moonphase is available in the secondary market in the price range of AED 95,000 to AED 110,000.

Is the Rolex Cellini considered a luxury watch?

All Rolex watches including the Cellini are considered as a luxury watch. This is because these watches are crafted out of high-quality materials and offer precision timekeeping.

How is the Rolex Cellini different from other Rolex models?

Unlike other Rolex models, the Rolex Cellini does not get an Oyster case. It is a dress watch that has had its separate league from the start.

Does the Rolex Cellini come in different materials?

Currently, the Rolex Cellini is only available in 18ct rose gold. In the past, Rolex has launched the Cellini in yellow gold and white gold variants as well.

Is the Rolex Cellini suitable for everyday wear?

Rolex Cellini is a dress watch that can be worn every day to work. But, it cannot be worn during extensive activities as it lacks water resistance.

Where can I buy an authentic Rolex Cellini?

Rolex mostly has a waitlist even for a model like the Cellini. So, you can skip the queue and buy a Rolex Cellini straight from WatchMaestro. We can even source the discontinued Cellini models for you.

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