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Rolex Hulk

Rolex Hulk 116610LV is one of the most iconic watches of all time. It features a stunning combination of a green bezel and a green dial. This reminded everyone of the Marvel character, making it the first watch to get a nickname from the comics. Since its first appearance in 2010, it has always been a desired timepiece among watch collectors.

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Rolex Submariner Hulk

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Rolex Hulk Price: A roller coaster ride

Rolex Hulk has always been a watch in demand. But since its a Rolex, the supply has always been a bit slow-moving. So, the basic economics rule runs here. The high demand and low supply always cause prices to go up. While the retail price of the watch has been more or less consistent, it is the price in the secondary market that has shot up.

Rolex Submariner Hulk 2020 in mint condition, is exchanging hands for around AED 75,000. That is the situation in the current market but the Hulk has seen better days. Investors who managed to buy the Rolex Hulk at retail price managed to get three times the returns at one point. Here’s a quick look at the Rolex Hulk price chart showcasing its pricing in the secondary market throughout its existence.

Demand for Rolex Hulk in the secondary market

During its early days, the watch was in less demand to attract a premium on its price. From 2011 to 2017, the Rolex prices in the secondary market for the Hulk ranged between AED 22,000 to 32,000. But if you bought it retail and managed to hold on to it, you would have made a profit.

Due to the huge waitlists, the buyers for this model of Rolex in Dubai were becoming impatient. They were willing to pay a premium just to get their hands on a Submariner 116610LV. The prices in the second-hand market started increasing in 2018, and by 2020 they skyrocketed to AED 50,000 a piece.

Hulk Rolex discontinued

Hulk Rolex discontinued

In 2020, Rolex decided to replace the Submariner 116610LV with the 126610LV. This time the LV Submariner model got a black dial instead of a green one. This made the watch collectors desire the Rolex Hulk much more. So much so that they were willing to pay a much higher premium now.

The Rolex watch price in UAE secondary market for Hulk 2020 quickly came close to AED 60,000 and from there, it was all uphill. At one point, a used Rolex Hulk exchanged hands for AED 107,000. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on whether you own a Hulk or not, the prices came down from there. We saw a price drop in second-hand Rolex watches in 2022, bringing down its market price to around AED 86,000.

Model Secondary Market Price in 2021 Secondary Market Price in 2022 Value Appreciation from 2021 to 2022
Rolex Submariner Hulk 2020 AED 65,000 AED 104,000 +60%

Is the Rolex Hulk a Submariner?

Rolex Hulk is a nickname associated with one of the variants of the Submariner Date. Even though it is popularly known as the Rolex Hulk, it is just a Submariner watch with a green bezel and a green dial. Nothing else is changed, and if you are looking to buy a Rolex Hulk, you are essentially paying for a Submariner with Date.

The combination of the green dial and green bezel is reminiscent of the Marvel character. Due to this, the watch community decided to call the watch the Rolex Hulk. Though it is just a Submariner, it is special because the color combination has been discontinued, and the Rolex Hulk is one of the most desirable Rolex watches in the world.

Incredible Hulk Rolex: A sough-after timepiece

Rolex Submariner 116610LV was introduced to replace the 16610LV. The 16610LV, also known as the Kermit, was the first ever Submariner model to feature a green bezel. It was launched to celebrate 50 years of Submariner in 2003.

Incredible Hulk Rolex

With the Rolex Submariner Hulk, the company wanted to update the model with a new movement and a few minor changes here and there. However, they decided to spice things up a notch with a shiny new green dial. Who knew at the time that the Rolex community would appreciate the new design so much?

The combination of a green dial and a green bezel is a debatable decision to date. While some still think the combination is overwhelming, others love the design so much that they would even pay a high premium just to get an unworn piece.

Rolex Green Hulk – A classy and elegant combination

Rolex Submariner is one of the most coveted watches of all time, and the green dial makes it an even more worthwhile purchase. The green color used on the dial looks elegant.

Rolex Green Hulk

It can be said that it was a good choice that the company introduced the green dial with the 116610LV and not the 16610LV. This is due to the fact that the newer model features a Ceramic bezel instead of an aluminum one. This made the green color on the bezel a bit darker, making it look more subtle yet premium. With this, the green dial went perfectly. The combination stood out, and it was almost like Bruce Banner (the regular Submariner) switched into the “Hulk.”

It is not just the green color that makes the dial look special. The impressive part was that the green shade moved from bright green to dark green in the light. On top of that, Rolex used 18ct gold on the luminescent hour markers, which just further elevated the class of the already elegant timepiece.

More than just a coat of green paint

Rolex Submariner 116610LV Hulk brought significant improvements over the previous generation. The Rolex Hulk watch came with the calibre 3135 movement that offered a power reserve of 48 hours. In 2010, this was a very impressive number.

The new Submariner model got a new oyster bracelet with a Glidelock clasp. This new bracelet allowed users to make easy adjustments without the need for any tools. Lastly, the addition of the Triplock waterproof system and the new crown guard made the watch more durable.

Discontinuation made Rolex Hulk even more desirable

Rolex Submariner 116610LV Hulk looks apart from any other watch. It is easy to recognize on someone’s wrist, even from a distance. This has made the watch quite desirable among people who like to wear nice watches. The watch was always in demand. However, Rolex decided to discontinue the model in 2020. They did in favor of the 126610LV, which is nicknamed Rolex Starbucks.

The discontinuation made the watch even more desirable than it already was. The fact that there are only a limited number of these in the market, every watch collector wants to have at least one Hulk in their collection. This also made the prices shoot up, especially for the unworn pieces.

Differentiate between an original Rolex Hulk and a fake one

Rolex Submariner Hulk is a highly coveted timepiece that has been discontinued. This has contributed to make the watch more desirable. When the watch was available on Rolex shelves, the retail price was around AED 40,000. Now the Rolex Hulk is exchanging hands in the secondary market for around AED 85,000.

Thanks to this, many people switch over to Rolex Hulk replicas or super fakes. These fake watches look and feel precisely like the original ones. Even though fake watches have become good, there are still ways to tell if it is real or fake Rolex Hulk.

Here’s how you can tell if a Rolex Hulk is fake or original:

Avoid buying a Rolex Hulk without box and papers

As mentioned earlier, Submariner Hulk is no longer available at official Rolex stores. It means your only chance of getting the Hulk Rolex in UAE is through the secondary market. To get a better deal on Rolex Hulk, many people sometimes agree on getting one without a box and papers. The watch loses value, but it seems the right choice at the time of purchase as you are saving a lot of money there. However, this is the first red flag.

If the Rolex Hulk is without its box and papers, there is a high chance it could be fake. Rolex boxes are relatively easy to find in the market. Many people can offer the watch in a box but without the papers. That is where you get your first red flag. Rolex warranty card or the official paper is very hard to replicate.

The document of a Rolex Hulk has a hologram and the watch’s serial number. If the warranty card or the official paper is missing, you should avoid buying that watch. If you still want to buy it, you should inspect it further.

Look closely at the dial

Rolex uses two different shades of green on the Rolex Hulk’s bezel and the dial. So far, it has been difficult for counterfeit watchmakers to replicate the same color scheme. If you can, by any chance, keep a real Rolex Hulk alongside a fake one, you will be able to tell the difference. The color of the dial will seem a bit off upon closer inspection.

It is essential to inspect the dial beyond color. Most of the fake Rolex Hulks do not have the best replication of the font. Something is usually off in these watches. If you feel anything wrong, consider it a red flag.

Lastly, Rolex Hulk is a Submariner Date, which means it should have a date window. You should carefully check the date window. There are instances where the date font does not match what we have seen on a Rolex Hulk. Also, the cyclops lens is tough to replicate. Even the best fakes are not able to magnify the date correctly. This gives away that the watch is not original.

Take a judgment based on the quality

Once you hear a good price, you should not get excited. First, you should do your due diligence on the Rolex Hulk. Rolex watches, including the Submariner Hulk, are made of premium materials. It gives them the quality required to make watches last a lifetime. A fake Rolex Hulk will never be available in the same quality as a Rolex.

Just keep any Rolex beside the Submariner Hulk, and you will be able to tell the difference between the quality of the material used. If there is no difference, there is a high chance that it is an original Rolex Hulk. But take your time with it. Some excellent fake models of Rolex Hulk look and feel original but have fake movement inside. So, you should always check with an authenticator.

Visit a watch authenticator

Before making a purchase worth north of AED 80,000, you should get the watch checked by a Rolex Dubai watch authenticator. They have an eye for these things, and most likely, they will be able to tell you if the watch is original or not by just giving it a quick glance. They can also open the case back and check the movement itself. They can even check the Rolex Hulk to tell if any of the parts were ever replaced.

Rolex Submariner Hulk: What’s under the hood?

Rolex Submariner Hulk 116610LV comes with the same movement you would get on a regular Submariner Date model or a two-tone Submariner Date. It is powered by the same caliber 3135 automatic movement. First announced in 1988, the movement is a certified Chronometer featuring 31 jewels. With this movement, Rolex Hulk gets a power reserve of 48 hours.

The Swiss-made chronometer on the Rolex Hulk is COSC certified and offers an accuracy of up to -2/+2 seconds per day. Thanks to the certification, Rolex Submariner Hulk says “Superlative Chronometer” on its dial.

Frequently asked questions about Rolex Hulk

Why is Submariner 116610LV called the Rolex Hulk?

Rolex Submariner 116610LV features a green bezel and a green dial reminding people of “The Hulk” giving it the nickname.

Is the Rolex Hulk discontinued?

Yes, the Rolex Hulk was discontinued in 2020.

Can I buy a Rolex Hulk in Dubai?

Absolutely. You can buy a Rolex Hulk at the best price from WatchMaestro.

Is the Rolex Hulk a good investment?

Yes. As the watch is now discontinued, the demand for it is even more. Adding on to that, there are only a limited number of them available in the market. This means the Rolex Hulk will only go up in price going forward.

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