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Rolex Coke

The first ever GMT Master II was launched in 1983 with a Coke bezel. While not as popular as Pepsi, the Rolex Coke still holds a special place in watch collectors’ and enthusiasts’ hearts. The watch used a combination of black and red on its bezel, reminding people of the Coke soda can. The earlier version of the watch was also called the “Fat Lady.”

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Rolex Coke: First in everything

Before Rolex Coke received its nickname from the community, it was called the GMT Master II reference 16760. Launched in 1983, the GMT Master II was a major upgrade over the immensely popular GMT Master. It was not just another timepiece but an insight into what was coming. It showed us the future where the GMT Master lineup was headed.

Rolex Coke watches

As a result, reference 16760 was a first at many things, including the red and black bezel and the use of a new movement.

GMT Master II

Rolex launched the GMT Master II in 1983, which was a successor to the much popular GMT Master. It was first launched in the reference number 16760 and more models just followed. While the GMT Master II was unveiled with a new movement and other improvements, the regular GMT Master was also on sale. The two watches targeted different price segments and with both options on the shelf, Rolex was able to target more buyers.

New movement

On the inside, the Rolex Coke came with the Caliber 3085 movement. The reference 16760 was rather on the thicker side and the movement was partly the reason behind that. The Caliber 3085’s height was measured at 6.3mm and its diameter was 28.5mm. The bidirectional perpetual rotor came fitted with 27 jewels. It achieved a power reserve of up to 48 hours, which was quite impressive at the time.

Buy Rolex Coke in Dubai

Fat Lady nickname

The improvements were not only on the inside. Watch connoisseurs were able to tell the difference between the two just by looking at it. To begin with, the GMT Master II 16760 featured a thicker case and a wider bezel. In order to improve the durability of the timepiece, the Swiss watch manufacturer also made the crown guards larger.

Due to the thicker case, many people ended up calling the reference 16760 “Fat Lady.” The watch was also sometimes called the “Sophia Loren” as people were comparing the new curves of the watch and the Italian actress. When it comes to Rolex prices in Dubai, the Fat Lady in good condition can go for up to AED 65,000.

Coke bezel

Up until the launch of the Rolex GMT Master II reference 16760, the GMT Master lineup was only being offered in red-blue, brown-gold, or all-black bezel. For the first time, the Swiss watchmaker introduced red and black inserts on the bezel. This combination was well welcomed within the Rolex community and it quickly earned the nickname “Rolex Coke.”

Rolex Coke

The look of the watch reminded people of the soda can and thus the nickname. This also had something to do with following the nickname references from beverages for the GMT Master lineup.

Use of white gold & sapphire crystal

The reference 16760 was also the first GMT Master to use white gold inserts on the dial. In order to help the watch maintain its beauty for as long as possible, Rolex started using 18ct white gold around the luminous hour markers. This prevented the tarnishing of the dial.

All Rolex watches today come with a sapphire crystal. But this was not always the case. Earlier, all watches used to feature an acrylic crystal, which was more prone to scratches. The first Rolex watch to come with a sapphire crystal was the reference 16760.

Reasons to consider buying a Rolex Coke in 2024

Rolex GMT Master II Coke was discontinued long back. Then why should you even consider buying it now? There are plenty of reasons, including an impressive history and the potential investment. Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying a Rolex Coke today.

Rolex Coke dubai

Stand out of the crowd

While your friends show off their shiny new Rolex Pepsi or the Submariner Starbucks, you will have something that will stand out. Though not shiny new, it will be something that has more chances of being unique. Not many people own a Rolex Coke and even if they do they do not wear it much to keep it pristine.

You can choose to wear your Rolex Coke and you will be able to easily stand out among your watch enthusiast friends.

Investment Opportunity

Many people like buying a Rolex in Dubai because they have proven to be great investments. A Rolex Coke has already increased in value and people who have sold it have made a profit from it. Even if you buy one today, you still have some room to cash in. If you buy a Rolex Coke and take good care of it, you will be able to fetch a lot more than what you paid for it in the next few years.

A true connection

If you are a true watch collector or a watch enthusiast, you will be able to gain a connection with Rolex Coke. The timepiece is a true image of what the GMT Master II was and what it meant for the future of the Swiss watch brand. The craftsmanship, the ideas, and the mechanical work that went behind creating it are only appreciated by true watch aficionados. If you are one of them, you should definitely consider buying it.

Frequently asked questions about Rolex Coke

Is Rolex Coke discontinued?

Yes, the Rolex Coke was discontinued in 2007.

When was the Rolex Coke released?

Rolex Coke GMT Master reference 16710 was first launched in 1989.

Why is it called Rolex Coke?

The Rolex GMT Master II reference 16710 comes with a black and red bi-colored bezel that reminds people of the soda brand.

Where can I buy a Rolex Coke in Dubai?

You can buy a Rolex Coke at WatchMaestro and get a great deal on it. If we do not have the watch in stock, we can source it for you.

Can I sell my Rolex Coke in Dubai?

Absolutely. You can sell your Rolex GMT Master II Coke at WatchMaestro and get a fair deal on it.

Will the Rolex Coke go up in value?

Yes. Rolex Coke is already a rare watch in today’s world and if you manage to keep it in pristine condition, you can get a lot more for it than you paid.

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