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Rolex Panda

Rolex Panda is one of the most popular chronograph variant offered by the brand. Watch aficionados have referred to it as one of Rolex’s most valuable and extravagant timepieces. Rolex Panda is an incredible watch that is worth exploring. Learn more about our collection of Rolex Panda watches.

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Rolex Panda Collection

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Rolex Panda for sale

Rolex Panda Watch

Rolex Panda watches are highly in demand, thus leading to their increase in value. We cater to collector’s requirements by sourcing the best luxury watches. Thus, if you want to get your hands on a Rolex Panda dial watch, check out our Rolex watch collection today.

Rolex Panda price

When it comes to Rolex watch prices in UAE, Rolex Panda has shown substantial growth in the secondary market. Prices for this superior chronograph have increased in the pre-owned sector, encouraging collectors to acquire this watch for themselves.

We believe in offering our clients top-quality Rolex Panda watches at the best deals. You can pick up a Rolex Panda for pre-owned prices ranging between AED 110,000 – AED 145,000.

Rolex Panda Dial Watch

Rolex Panda dial: Explore the intricacies of this chronograph

Rolex Panda is a nickname that loyal Rolex customers and fans have denoted. It isn’t the official name recognized by the brand. The Panda is a Cosmograph chronograph watch with extraordinary design and functionality.

This Rolex Chronograph is called the Panda based on its color combination. The watch’s dial features a plain white tone, and the sub-dials of it have white-colored faces with black rounded borders. This gives you an image of a Panda, hence its nickname.

Specifications of Rolex Panda

Recognized as one of the world’s best chronographs, Rolex Daytona Panda has several design and functional aspects worth noting. Mentioned below is a detailed breakdown of the specifications of a Rolex Panda dial watch.

Rolex Panda dial watch specifications [116500LN]
Dial size 40 mm
Movement Self-winding Mechanical Chronograph
Caliber Rolex 4130 Caliber
Bezel Black Monobloc Cerachrom Bezel
Case Material Oystersteel
Bracelet Oyster Bracelet with flat three-piece links
Clasp Folding Oysterlock Clasp
Crystal Scratch-resistant Sapphire
Precision -2/+2 sec/day
Water Resistance 330 ft. (100 meters)

The above-mentioned are common specifications of all the variants of a Rolex Chronograph watch. What makes a Rolex Panda different from the rest is its White dial and black border sub-dial.

Make your Rolex chronograph a Panda

If you currently own a black dial Rolex Cosmograph and are looking to transform it into a Panda dial, you can certainly do so. Rolex offers you a chance to purchase a white dial for you to officially replace your current dial, transforming your chronograph into a Panda.

Subsequently, you also have an option of changing your dial through aftermarket options. The difference perhaps lies in its quality and pricing. If you choose to get your dial replaced by Rolex themselves, prices are high and quality is authentic.

However, if you decide to opt for aftermarket options, you are more likely to get it for a bargain price, but with a lower quality. Many collectors have transformed their black dial watches into a Panda dial, as these watches fetch a significantly higher value.

Rolex Panda Luxury Watch

Celebrities who wear the Rolex Panda

Many celebrities wear Rolex watches, and the Panda dial is one of the more popular choices among them. From famous entertainers to sports personalities, a large number of well known individuals have been spotted wearing this watch.

Therefore, we have listed out popular names from around the world, who have been known to wear Rolex Panda watches.

Rolex Panda Daytona

Rolex Panda: Wear a brilliant chronograph on your wrists

When you think of a luxury chronograph, you are most likely thinking of a Rolex Panda watch. We bring you the most extraordinary Rolex Panda watches for sale that are well-maintained and available at attractive prices. For more information on Rolex Panda watches, contact us now.

Kevin Ghassemi WatchMaestro
Written By Kevin Ghassemi

Kevin Ghassemi is WatchMaestro's Operations Manager, responsible for sales and purchases of watches. He engages personally with clients, bonding over their shared passion for timepieces. In his leisure, he shares his expertise on social media and occasionally contributes to blog posts.

Frequently asked questions about Rolex Panda

How much is a Rolex Panda worth?

A Rolex Panda watch is worth AED 59,520 in the retail market. Its worth in pre-owned market’s range from AED 120,000 to AED 130,000. Rolex Panda is highly in demand and is limited in supply. Therefore, the price of Rolex Panda dial watches are increasing in the pre-owned sector.

What is a Rolex Panda?

Rolex’s only chronograph watch, the Cosmograph with white dial and black subdials, is called Rolex Panda. This nickname was designated by Rolex fans who admire this exceptional chronograph watch.

How rare is a Rolex Panda watch?

Rolex Panda is not a rare watch. However, due to a shortage in supplies, these watches’ production has been slightly delayed. Hence, collectors have flocked to pre-owned market’s to buy a Rolex Panda. The secondary market in the UAE has a wide selection of Rolex Panda watches.

Where can I buy a Rolex Panda?

You can buy a Rolex Panda at WatchMaestro Dubai. We are one of UAE’s leading watch dealers, specializing in pre-owned luxury watches. Our forte is in sourcing the best Rolex watches, including highly-demanded timepieces like a Rolex Panda.

Is the Rolex Panda discontinued?

No, Rolex Panda is still in production. Previous iterations of the Cosmograph Daytona have been discontinued. However, Rolex still offers the Panda in a new and updated case style and movement.

What is the reference no. of the Rolex Panda?

116500LN is the reference no. of the Rolex Panda watch. This particular reference number was introduced in 2016. The previous iteration of the Rolex Panda dial watch carried the reference number 116520.

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