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Sell Watches in Dubai

Looking to sell your watch? You are at the right place. Sell your watch and get cash in 15 minutes. Select a brand below to start your journey

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Sell my watch online

Sell used watches in Dubai

Selling a used luxury watch has never been an easy task. Thanks to WatchMaestro’s ‘Sell My Watch’ option, you can sell your used watch online at a great price and be assured that everything will be completely hassle-free and secure. We are regarded as the best place to sell used watches online.

Sell my watch in Dubai: How it works?

It is quick and easy to sell your watch online in Dubai with us. Just follow these three simple steps.

WatchMaestro Image

Click Photos

Take pictures of the watch you want to sell. Also, include box and papers.

Upload your watch details

Upload watch details

Once you upload the watch details, our experts will be able to quote a price.

Cash/Crypto to your wallet

Receive payment quickly

You will get paid instantly via cash or bank transfer.

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Looking to sell your watch? Select a brand below to start your journey

Can you sell a watch without papers?

Can you sell a watch without papers

Yes, of course. Anyone can sell a watch without papers. Our horologists can examine the watch from inside and out. We also make sure that none of the parts were replaced. If everything is good, you can sell your watch without papers.

You can always sell your watch for cash without papers, but there is a catch. High-end watches tend to lose a lot of value when sold without box and papers. So, keeping the box and papers to retain the maximum value of the timepiece is always recommended. In the case of an event where you do not have the box and papers, you will get slightly less value compared to a watch with authentic papers included.

How to sell my watch in Dubai at WatchMaestro

When selling a watch through us, the process is straightforward. On the sell my watch page, just search for the model you are looking to sell. You just need to provide us with a few essential details, and our agents will take care of the rest. Here’s a quick rundown of the steps you have to go through to sell watches in Dubai –

  • Search for your watch
  • Enter the required details
  • Upload the photos of your watch
  • Fill in your personal details
  • Inspection and valuation
  • Receive payment

Search for your watch

At the top of this page, you will see a search bar for popular timepeices. Search for your watch and select it. You can manually fill in the watch details if it is unavailable in the list. Click on the ‘Manually Upload It’ option available right below the search bar.

Enter the required details

Now, you will see a page requesting you to fill in the details of your high-end wristwatch. Just enter the details, including your watch’s condition, the scope of delivery and the year of production. You are also asked to fill in a description of the watch, where you should clearly mention everything to make the process quicker.

When filling in the watch description, it would make the process quicker if you mention the case size, bezel type, bracelet type and dial description. Also, you should mention if any parts have been replaced, including the glass.

Upload the photos of your watch

The most crucial step in selling your watch online is uploading some good pictures of your watch. These pictures should be clear and taken from the mentioned angles. To judge the watch’s authenticity and condition, we want a picture of it from the front, the side, and the back. Also, a picture of the box and papers would be really helpful.

Fill in your personal details

In order to get in touch with you, our agents will require your contact information. As you are here to sell used watches, you will be asked to fill in the details, including your full name, email address and phone number. If you are using different numbers for calling and WhatsApp, kindly provide us with your WhatsApp number as well.

Inspection and valuation

Inspection and valuation

We will have to inspect and evaluate your watch to get its best price. For this step, you will either have to bring the watch to us or you can ship it to us. Our experts will quote the best price for your watch after a thorough look-over.

Receive payment

If you agree to the quoted price, our accounts team will immediately transfer the amount to your bank account. Customers living in the UAE can also choose to get cash or cheque.

Selling your watch – things you should look for

We buy all kinds of premium watches from well-known brands, including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet, and Tudor. If you have been looking to sell watches in Dubai from one of these brands, you are at the right place.

We offer all our customers a secure and convenient way to sell their watches online. Besides that, we also ensure that our clients get the best deal possible. This has been made possible because of our team of professionals and our connections in the watch industry all across the globe.

Why should I sell my watch online at WatchMaestro?

Why should I sell my watch online at WatchMaestro

There are a few platforms that might help you sell watches in Dubai. Some of them might even get you the exact price you are looking for. However, this could land you in serious trouble. Either the buyer might run away with your watch or they could follow you around. To avoid all this, you should have WatchMaestro as a medium.

Our Client Advisors will offer you the best advice on selling your premium watch. Our store’s in-house team of watch specialists will thoroughly inspect your watch to derive its correct value according to its condition and market value. Moreover, the whole transaction will be completely safe and secure.

Some of the major reasons for using us as a medium to sell watches in Dubai are:

  • Incredible deals
  • Free-of-cost valuation of premium watches
  • Cleaning and refurbishment
  • Safe, secure and seamless transaction
  • Immediate payment

Incredible deals

We offer great prices making it the best place for selling your watch online. We go the extra mile to bring you the best deal possible. With the help of our platform and our connections all across the globe, we are able to offer you the best possible price for your watch.

Free-of-cost valuation of premium watches

Free-of-cost valuation of premium watches

When you are looking to sell used watches, our team of experts can evaluate your watch for free and give you a quotation. This will not only help you make the selling decision but it will also show you a clear picture of everything.

Cleaning and refurbishment

Looking to sell old watches that are now vintage or broken? Nevertheless, the watch holds great value, and we can help you get the best price by cleaning and refurbishing it if needed. Our team of experts can clean the watch thoroughly to make it look impeccable again. With our authorized service partners, we can even get your watch repaired to get the maximum value.

Safe, secure and seamless transaction

When dealing with watches that cost a fortune, you do not want to risk the transaction. This is where WatchMaestro plays a crucial role. With the help of our agents and watch experts, you will get a good deal for the timepiece when you use the ‘I want to sell my watch’ option on our website. You will also be assured that everything will be safe and seamless.

Immediate Payment

One of the best parts about selling your watch through us is that you will get immediately paid. Once our experts thoroughly inspect your watch, they will derive a value based on its condition and market availability. You will get the money as soon as you agree to the quoted price. You can choose to get the payment in cash, or we can transfer it to your bank account.

Brands We Deal With

Looking to add some of the rare luxury collections to your watchbox ? Talk to our expert.

Frequently asked questions about sell your watch online

When I sell my watch online at WatchMaestro, how do you derive its value?

When you bring your watch to us, our team of professional horologists thoroughly inspect your watch. They evaluate the watch based on its authenticity, condition as well as market value.

Can I sell my watch online at WatchMaestro if I am currently not in the UAE?

Yes, you can send your watch from anywhere in the world. After a thorough inspection and agreeing on a price, we will transfer you the amount via any of the preferred payment methods including wire transfer.

Can I negotiate the offer while I sell my watch online?

Sometimes there is room for negotiation and please feel free to discuss it with our Client Advisors. They will be able to explain the offer to you and surely make adjustments to the price if there is any room for that.

My watch is damaged. Can I still sell my watch online?

It depends on how badly damaged it is. If the watch is in repairable condition, we will get it refurbished by our experts. Due to the refurbishment process, you might lose some value due to the condition of the watch.

How fast can I get paid when I sell my watch?

Once the authentication of the watch is done, you will get the agreed amount instantly. We can transfer the amount to your bank account. You can even choose to receive cash if you are in the UAE.

How much can I expect for my used Rolex?

The amount you will be able to receive for your Rolex depends on the model and its condition. What we can still assure you is that we will get you the best possible deal for the watch.

Where to sell used watches in Dubai?

WatchMaestro is your most trusted partner to sell used watches in Dubai. We have a well planned quality-assessment and sales process to ensure a seamless sales experience.

Where can I sell my watch for cash?

At WatchMaestro we offer flexible payment methods. If you wish to avoid the hassle of bank transfers and cheques, you can sell your watch for instant cash.

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