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Rolex Sea Dweller

Rolex Sea Dweller is a diver’s watch that paved the way for modern-day diver’s watches. It took an incredible amount of research and effort for Rolex to produce this exquisite watch, giving the brand a unique recognition. Let us discuss the Sea Dweller in detail and take you through our collection of these watches.

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Rolex Sea Dweller Collection

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Rolex Sea Dweller price

Rolex Sea Dweller

People have gradually understood the position of the Sea Dweller in the Rolex lineup, giving it the attention it needs. Therefore, new investors, including long-time enthusiasts, are buying Rolex Sea Dweller watches to seize their investment opportunity.

Rolex offers the Sea Dweller in a few different variants. Check out the prices of these watches below:

Rolex Deepsea price

Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea is offered in two different sub-variants. Both of these watches are offered as 44 mm and have an Oystersteel case. The retail prices vary from that of pre-owned prices. Below are two Sea Dweller Deepsea variants and their Rolex UAE prices.

Rolex Deepsea Sea Dweller price
Black Dial D Blue Dial
UAE Retail Price
(ref. 136660)
UAE Pre-Owned Price (126660) UAE Retail Price
(ref. 136660)
UAE Pre-Owned Price (126660)
AED 56,700 AED 49,000 – AED 65,000 AED 57,950 AED 56,000 – AED 70,000

The retail Rolex watch price in UAE mentioned in the table above is for the latest version. On the other hand, the pre-owned price mentioned is for the 2021 model. Versions before 2021 fetch different prices in the pre-owned market.

Rolex Sea Dweller Deepsea Challenge price

Rolex Dubai recently introduced the brand new Rolex Deepsea Challenge, an incredibly capable dive watch. This watch is equipped with innovative technology and high-grade material. Below are the prices of a Rolex Deepsea Challenge.

Rolex Deepsea Challenge Price
Retail Price Pre-Owned Price
AED 104,200 AED 140,000 – AED 148,500

The prices for this particular version of Rolex Sea Dweller have increased over time due to its exclusivity and exceptional capabilities. It is a great watch to have as part of your collection.

Thus, it has drawn the attention of watch enthusiasts worldwide. Hence, the spike in demand and limited supply to market has increased its value in the pre-owned market.

Rolex Sea Dweller Black Dial

Rolex Sea Dweller Black Dial is a classy watch and is perhaps the most commonly preferred variant of the Sea Dweller. The retail and pre-owned prices of Rolex Sea Dweller Black dial are mentioned below.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Black Dial Price
Retail Price Pre-Owned Price
AED 52,900 AED 55,000 – AED 65,000

The pre-owned price of Sea-Dweller Rolex in UAE may vary based on the reference number and condition of the watch. Hence, there is a wide price variation of Rolex watches in the secondary market.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Yellow Gold price

Apart from the standard Oystersteel with black dial variant, Rolex also offers the Sea Dweller in Oystersteel and Yellow Gold variant. Although two-tone watches had reduced in demand, the trend has gradually started picking up again.

Therefore, the demand for the Yellow Gold version of Rolex Sea Dweller is high. The retail and pre-owned prices of a Rolex Sea Dweller ‘Oyster Steel and Yellow Gold’ version are mentioned below.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Oystersteel and Yellow Gold Price
Retail Price Pre-Owned Price
AED 72,200 AED 75,000 – AED 85,000

Rolex Sea Dweller waiting list

Buying a Rolex in Dubai directly from the retailer will always mean that you have to be on a waiting list. Loyal Rolex clients are given higher priority when buying new watches. Customers who have just decided to pick up their first Rolex must sign up for a waitlist. Subsequently, the duration of the waiting period will depend on the model you choose.

If you are looking to buy a Rolex Sea-Dweller, the waiting period ranges between 2 to 3 years as a first-time Rolex customer. The time frame will also vary depending on the variant you choose.

Pre-owned Rolex Sea Dweller

Buying a pre-owned Rolex Sea Dweller is relatively easy and less time-consuming. In addition to that, the possibility of getting a better deal is also high.

Most first-time clients buy used Rolex watches rather than brand-new ones. The secondary watch market also deals in unworn watches that are as good as new ones. Therefore, the waiting list for Rolex Sea-Dweller in the pre-owned market is nil.

Our collection of Rolex timepieces includes a few different versions of the Sea-Dweller. Check out our collection today if you are interested in buying a well-maintained Sea-Dweller.

Rolex Deepsea Challenge

Rolex Deep Sea Dweller variants: The colors available

The Sea Dweller is currently offered in two dial color options. Having said that, some of the watch dials have a few subtle differences, making each variant of the Sea Dweller unique. Following are Rolex Sea Dweller models you should know about.

Rolex Deep Sea Dweller Blue

Rolex Deep Sea Dweller Blue dial is one of the most sought-after watches in the Rolex lineup. This dial variant is also known as the D-Blue dial. On careful observation, you will note that the blue dial fades into a darker shade, going from top to bottom.

Rolex decided to coat the Deepsea logo in lime green on the blue dial version as a contrasting color. Apart from these aspects, all other components and features are shared with the black dial variant of the Deepsea.

Here are some of the basic specifications of Rolex Deepsea D-Blue dial:

Rolex Double Red Sea Dweller

Rolex Sea Dweller 1665 Double Red is one of the most popular versions of the Sea Dweller series. Reference no. 1665 Double Red was produced between 1967 and 1977 and was later discontinued by the brand.

It was referred to as a Double Red based on the two written lines coated in red color. ‘Sea Dweller Submariner 2000’ was highlighted in red, indicating to customers that the watch can go down to 2000 ft. in depth.

The 1665 Double Red has always been in demand and is considered one of the finest vintage Rolex watches.

Rolex Deep Sea Dweller colors

Rolex Sea Dweller Oystersteel and Yellow Gold

Two-tone colors for luxury watches had gone out of fashion in the past. However, the style has returned and is also seeing a growth in demand. If you are still unsatisfied with dual-tone watches, you can always choose the black dial and Oystersteel variant of the Sea Dweller.

Following are the design details and specifications of Rolex Sea Dweller Oystersteel and Yellow Gold version:

A side note is that the black dial version of the Sea-Dweller Oystersteel version features a red-colored Sea-Dweller logo on the dial. It was added in as a homage to the iconic Double Red version.

Rolex Deepsea Challenge Black dial

Rolex Deepsea Challenge 126067 is currently the most demanded Rolex Sea Dweller version. It is available only in a black dial variant known as Intense Black. The Deepsea Challenge is the most incredible dive watch ever to be produced. Below are all the design features and other specifications related to the watch:

Rolex Sea Dweller Waiting List

Explore the Helium Escape Valve

You might have come across the term Helium Escape Valve. Perhaps, you are wondering about its significance in the watch. A Helium Escape Valve is what makes the Sea Dweller a highly capable dive watch.

Right off the bat, you will notice that a Rolex Sea Dweller watch is thicker in size as compared to other Rolex models. This is because the case holds a helium escape valve which protects the watch and its internal components under high pressure.

Therefore, the technology enables divers to take the Rolex Sea Dweller to extreme depths, going up to 36,090 ft.

Rolex Sea-Dweller: The ultimate diver’s watch

Rolex Sea Dweller was introduced as an improved version of the Submariner. It boasts an incredible water resistance capability, enabling the watch to reach deeper levels. Over the last couple of years, Rolex Sea Dweller watches have continued to gain significant popularity in the watch community.

Therefore, the watch’s demand has also peaked in the retail and pre-owned segment. As one of the leading watch dealers in the UAE, we are excited to bring you a comprehensive collection of Rolex Sea Dweller watches. From the Deep Sea to the Deepsea Challenge, pick out your most desired watch from us today.

Contact us for any queries about buying, selling or trading luxury watches.

Frequently asked questions about Rolex Sea-Dweller

Is the Rolex Sea Dweller a good investment?

Yes. Rolex Sea-Dweller is an excellent investment. Rolex watches have shown value consistency in both the pre-owned and retail markets. Therefore, if you are considering investing in a luxury diver’s watch, you should buy a Rolex Sea-Dweller.

How hard is it to buy a Rolex Sea Dweller?

It’s easy to buy the Rolex Sea-Dweller if you choose to buy it from the pre-owned market. Used or pre-owned [unworn] Sea-Dweller watches are much easier to acquire than a brand-new Rolex. It is because Rolex has a long waiting list in the retail market.

Does Rolex Sea Dweller hold value?

Yes absolutely. A Rolex Sea-Dweller does hold its value. There are specific variants of the Rolex Sea-Dweller that retain a better value than its other variants. The Rolex Sea Dweller James Cameron special version sells for a higher price than other Sea Dweller variants.

What was the Rolex Sea Dweller initially designed for?

The Sea Dweller was initially designed for divers. As you can already tell by the name, Rolex created the watch for professional or enthusiastic divers. Its capabilities enabled divers to utilize its features under extreme pressure underwater.

How rare is the Sea Dweller?

The Sea Dweller is not a rare version. It is currently in production and is offered in a few different variants. Perhaps, it’s slightly more challenging to find specific iterations, like the earlier Sea Dwellers from 1967. The chances of finding your desired variant of the Rolex Sea Dweller are high when you buy one from us.

Do Sea Dwellers appreciate their value?

Yes. Recent trends in Rolex prices have shown the growing demand for Sea Dweller watches. Therefore, having witnessed a gradual rise in value, experts suggest that Rolex Sea Dweller watches will hold their value.

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