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2-Year Service Warranty

WatchMaestro Assurance

Every Pre-Owned watch sold or repaired by WatchMaestro will be covered by a 2-year limited warranty from the date of purchase (exclusions apply, such as Vintage watches).

Brand New watches are covered by OEM warranty and will not be issued a WatchMaestro 2-year limited warranty.

Warranty Conditions

In the unlikely event that an issue arises with a warrantied product as a result of the work done by WatchMaestro, WatchMaestro will repair or replace any damaged parts to correct the issue, given the product is within the 2-year warranty period. Once the issue is resolved, a new 2-year warranty will be issued from the date of repair.

Restrictions & Conditions: What is not covered

For transparency, there are certain conditions that apply to the 2-year limited warranty.

The warranty does not cover parts that WatchMaestro did not service, basic services on quartz watches, water damage, shock damage, or any handling that exceeds the limits of a timepiece’s intended use.

The warranty does not cover external damages such as scratches, crystals, glass, straps – leather, fabric, or rubber, damage due to general wear, damage from wear that exceeds the watch manufacturer’s water resistance limitations, and damage due to physical and/or accidental abuse.

Preserving the Warranty

Avoid third-party performance of service, opening the product, or addition of parts other than strap or bracelet components will void with WatchMaestro warranty on pre-owned watches.

WatchMaestro will, at its sole discretion, determine the applicability of its warranty to each watch for which a warranty claim is made.

Vintage Watches

The 2-year limited warranty does not cover vintage watches. They pose different challenges in obtaining parts, thus limiting repair possibilities.

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