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Rolex Root Beer

Rolex Root Beer has always played an important role in the GMT Master lineup. The watch stands out thanks to its brown and black bezel. But what you see with the new reference 126710CHNR is not what Root Beer always was. Yes, it has evolved into a great piece of craftsmanship, but here’s how it all started.

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The history behind Rolex Root Beer

Rolex GMT Master is one of the most sought-after watch models ever created. Originally, it was offered in the iconic Rolex Pepsi bezel, but multiple variations were released as the years passed. Rolex not only kept improving the GMT Master line, but they also played around with the bidirectional rotating bezel. This was the best way to give the GMT watch a refreshing look.

Rolex GMT Master II Root Beer

Over the years, we saw the GMT Master with an all-black bezel and even one with the Coke bezel. The one that stood out the most was an eye-catching brown and gold bezel paired with a brown dial. Before the launch of the all-new GMT Master 126710CHNR, here are all the references of Root Beer that existed.

Rolex GMT Master 1675/3

The Rolex reference 1675/3 was the first ever Root Beer ever created. The watch was launched back in the 1970s, featuring a brown and black bezel. The community instantly gave it the nickname “Root Beer” because of its shade, reminding people of the soda. The watch also featured a brown dial featuring luminescent hands offering a unique look.

Rolex Root Beer Old

Rolex also decided to offer the case and the bracelet in two-tone with stainless steel and yellow gold. This made the watch look class apart from other GMT Master variations. Another thing that makes this watch somewhat unique is the fact that it comes with the iconic “nipple dial.” It was called so because it had small circle indices.

After a few years of the production run, Rolex decided to discontinue the watch and make way for new and improved models. This means that only a finite number of these references are available in the market. It is a highly collectible watch but finding one in pristine condition is a challenge.

Rolex GMT Master 16753

The Rolex reference 16753 was launched to offer under-the-hood upgrades. Aesthetically, it was similar to its predecessor down to the use of the “nipple dial” and the two-tone bracelet and case. As a major change, the watch now came powered by the caliber 3075 instead of 1570. This new movement brought in an improved frequency of 28,800 A/h as opposed to 19,800 A/h on the older one.

On the outside, you could tell the difference between a reference 1675/3 and a 16753 by looking closely at the dial. Rolex decided to move from an embossed Rolex crown logo to a printed one.

Rolex GMT Master II 16713

Rolex introduced the GMT Master II lineup in 1982. The model also got a Root Beer variant in the late 1980s. The reference 16713 offered a 40mm case with a bi-directional bezel, which had brown and gold aluminum inserts. The case and the bracelet were both two-tone with the use of steel and gold.

Besides its looks, what made this reference really special is the fact that it was able to show 3 time zones at once instead of just 2. Rolex made it possible by offering adjustable 12-hour and 24-hour hands.

The new Rolex GMT Master II Root Beer

In 2018, Rolex introduced the Root Beer in two editions. The reference 126711CHNR offers a two-tone look with the use of Oystersteel and Everose gold. The reference 126715CHNR, on the other hand, is made entirely out of 18ct Everose gold. If you are looking to buy Rolex Root Beer, those are your two options. But what is the difference and which one should you pick? It all depends on the following aspects.

Rolex Root beer on wrist


Rolex GMT Master is a sports watch which means people prefer buying it in stainless steel. But those who buy Root Beer, buy it for the aesthetics. And that is why the watch is offered in a two-tone look or in Everose Gold. The reference 126711CHNR is a more preferred variant as it offers both the rigidity of stainless steel as well as the look of red gold. On the other hand, the Everose gold variant is for someone who likes to have their watches in precious metals.


In terms of design, both the 126711CHNR and the 126715CHNR look identical. They both use the iconic brown and black bezel, giving them the nickname “Root Beer.” But needless to say, the two-tone 126711CHNR deserves the nickname to itself as the original Root Beer was also a two-tone GMT Root beer. As for the 126715CHNR, many people like to call it the Rolex Root Beer rose gold.


Both the references share the same internals. This means the two-tone Root Beer and the rose gold Root Beer both are powered by the same Rolex Caliber 3285 movement. It offers a power reserve of approximately 70 hours. The GMT Master II features a 40mm case and it offers a waterproof rating of up to 100 meters.


When compared to a steel version of Rolex Batman or Pepsi, Root Beer is significantly more expensive due to the use of precious metal. A two-tone Root Beer Rolex in Dubai retails at around AED 52,000. As for the Root Beer rose gold, it will set you back close to AED 136,000.

Since it is relatively difficult to get one from the Rolex Authorised Dealer, these go for a premium on the secondary market. The GMT Master II Root Beer is currently exchanging hands in the Rolex Dubai secondary market for somewhere between AED 70,000 and AED 80,000. As for the rose gold Root Beer, it is listed in the market for around AED 165,000.

This not just shows you how much demand there is for the watch but also suggests that Root Beer is also a great investment.

Why is the existence of Rolex Root Beer important

Rolex GMT Master II is one of the most sought-after Rolex watches in the company’s catalog. While the Pepsi gives the feeling of a true GMT Master, people still prefer owning variations of the watch. Rolex recently discontinued the black bezel GMT Master II as it was too similar to the Submariner Date and the Sea-Dweller in terms of looks. But the Pepsi, Batman, Sprite and Root Beer make the watch really stand out.

Rolex Root beer two tone

Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi and Batman are two of the more popular models. Root Beer and Sprite on the other hand appeal to a specific audience only. Also, if you want a two-tone GMT Master, no other combination would look as good as the Root Beer. So, the existence of Root Beer is really important as it allows Rolex to reach every kind of customer.

Frequently asked questions about Rolex Root Beer

What is Rolex Root Beer?

Rolex Root Beer is a nickname for a GMT Master with a brown and gold or a brown and black bezel.

Is the Rolex Root Beer a good investment?

The short answer would be yes, it is. Rolex GMT Master II Root Beer, which retails for around AED 52,000, has been going in the secondary market for around AED 75,000. This shows that the watch has proven to be a good investment.

How can I buy a Rolex Root Beer watch in Dubai?

You can buy a Rolex Root Beer from WatchMaestro in Dubai. You can also choose to buy it from a Rolex AD but that will involve a huge waitlist.

Where can I sell my Rolex Root Beer in UAE?

You can sell your Rolex Root Beer watch via WatchMaestro. Feel free to share us the pictures of the watch and our evaluation team will get back to you with a price as quickly as possible.

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