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Vacheron Constantin

With over 260 years of experience in watchmaking, Vacheron Constantin is a part of the holy trinity, which also includes Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet. The prestigious horological brand has unique technical expertise and creativity when it comes to fine watchmaking. Vacheron Constantin watches are known to offer reliability, precision and true craftsmanship.

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Vacheron Constantin

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Vacheron Constantin Price

Vacheron Constantin has a lot of watches on offer, with all of them being segmented into different collections. Under each collection, the watches are available in a variety of material choices, highly affecting the price tag. The pricing can also be affected by what complications are there in the watch and if the watch is rare or not.

In case you are interested in buying a Vacheron Constantin watch from the UAE, here’s a look at its prices in the secondary market.

Model Price in the Secondary Market
Vacheron Constantin Fiftysix AED 47,000
Vacheron Constantin Fiftysix Rose Gold Complete Calendar AED 110,000
Vacheron Constantin Overseas AED 115,000
Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time Rose Gold AED 210,000
Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Openface AED 140,000

Vacheron Constantin – How it all began

Vacheron Constantin has been producing high-grade watches in Geneva for centuries now. The rich history began with Jean-Marc Vacheron as he founded a watchmaking company after his name – Vacheron. One of the earliest models from the brand was a silver pocket watch with a pinwheel escapement and filigree hands. In 1810, Vacheron’s grandson Jacques-Barthélemy took over the family business.

In order to help Vacheron grow and make it a global brand, Jacques brought in a sales professional named François Constantin in 1819. In the same year, the company was renamed Vacheron & Constantin and the motto “Faire mieux si possible, ce qui est toujours possible (Do better if possible and that is always possible)” first appeared.

vacheron constantin logo watches

After the death of François Constantin and Jacques-Barthélemy Vacheron, the watchmaking company was taken over by a series of heirs. There was even a point where the company was headed by two women, which was extremely progressive and it was considered an achievement.

During that time, Vacheron & Constantin began using the logo that exists up until today. It is the Maltese cross, which was inspired by a component of the company’s watches. It was a component of the barrel featuring a cross-shape and it was used for limiting the tension within the mainspring.

Beginning of a new era

The history of the brand has been inspiring and prestigious up until this point. But it was around 1906 when the brand really took off. Orders for Vacheron & Constantin watches started coming from the royals, the elites and other rich businessmen from across the globe. Vacheron even received orders from Napoleon Bonaparte. Vacheron & Constantin also opened up a boutique in Geneva, where people could come try the watches themselves.

In 1977, there was a sudden spike in the demand for sports watches. In order to offer something to its customers, Vacheron came out with the 222, which was the original Vacheron Constantin Overseas. The watch featured an integrated bracelet and a porthole style bezel. This was also the year when the company dropped the ‘and’ in its name and it became just Vacheron Constantin.

Vacheron Constantin showcasing the fine art of Swiss watchmaking

With the aim to create flawless timepieces, Vacheron Constantin has gained a great reputation in the Swiss watchmaking industry. One of the most popular watches from the brand is the reference 57260 pocket watch. Housing 57 complications, it is the world’s most complex wearable watch. These complications include a minute repeater, a split-seconds chronograph, a moon phase display and an alarm.

A popular collection under the Vacheron Constantin brand has to be the Overseas series. The watches have designs that are reminiscent of the immensely popular Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and the Patek Philippe Nautilus. There are some sought-after watches in the collection that come in stainless steel and gold. The Vacheron Constantin Overseas collection includes watches that have a perpetual calendar, tourbillon, chronograph, or world time function.

Vacheron classic watches

Another popular series in the Vacheron Constantin’s catalog is the Patrimony collection. It consists of some of the appealing classic dress watches. These watches are mostly flat two or three-hand wristwatches. Under this collection, you can also find diamond-studded women’s watches.

Staggering Vacheron Constantin watch collections

Over the years, Vacheron Constantin has launched numerous watches featuring various complications. These watches feature distinctive designs and are of top-notch quality. While the two most popular collections are the Overseas and Patrimony collections, there are various other collections as well that showcase the finest art of watchmaking technology.

The popular Vacheron Constantin watch collections include the following:


While Vacheron Constantin is known for its elegant dress watches, they also have some of the most sought-after sports timepieces in the Vacheron Constantin Overseas collection. The watches in this collection feature a hexagonal bezel that resembles a porthole. These timepieces come with an integrated band in stainless steel, gold, rubber, or alligator leather. Due to the unique link shape, the metal bracelets really stand out and make the watch look even more elegant.

Vacheron overseas watch

Under this collection, you can find many different types of watches including regular three-hand pieces. There are models with tourbillion skeleton and there are even watches with the GMT function. Besides that, you also get to pick between a world time watch, a Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch with a perpetual calendar, or one with a chronograph.


Vacheron Constantin’s Patrimony collection incorporates a simple yet elegant design language. These watches are inspired by the Classic Vacheron Constantin watches from the 1950s as they feature a round case and reserved dial design. What makes this dress watch extremely graceful is the fact that they have a flat construction. Even the models with perpetual calendars or minute repeaters have a thickness of under 9mm

The Patrimony retrograde pointer date has some of the most popular complications in the whole collection. The self-winding watch feature a hand-type day and date display.


The watches in the Traditionnelle collection also have a classic and elegant design. Most of the Vacheron Constantin watches in this collection feature a simple two-hand design with options for both manual-winding and self-winding movement. For people who like to have a seconds hand on their watch, there are timepieces that feature the three-hand design.

There are even wristwatches with a complete calendar, a tourbillon or a perpetual calendar chronograph. There is even a variant that is fully set with more than 300 baguette-cut diamonds.


As the name suggests, the Historiques collection is all about giving tribute to older historical Vacheron Constantin watches. For instance, the Historiques 222 reminds everyone of the 222, which later became the Vacheron Constantin Overseas. Just like the original watch, this one also has an integrated bracelet and a porthole style bezel.

One of the watch models that stands out the most is the Historiques American 1921. The watch comes with a distinctive dial that has been turned 45 degrees to the right. Making things even more interesting, the crown of the watch is located in the upper right corner. The seconds dial has been located on the lower right third of the dial and it has not been rotated. Overall, this one is a very unique timepiece that one should definitely consider adding to the collection.


The Fiftysix collection is a relatively new part of the Vacheron Constantin family. The watch collection was only introduced in 2018 and it pays homage to a model from 1956. Taking the old design and pushing in modern elements has given birth to the Fiftysix collection. The Fiftysix series mostly consists of simple and elegant three-hand watches. There are also models with day and date displays. In order to give a more modern touch, Vacheron Constantin has also added a few models with a complete calendar or a tourbillon.

What makes owning a Vacheron Constantin watch so special

Vacheron Constantin has been in the watch business for a long time and it is a part of the big 3 watch manufacturers. If that is not enough reason to buy a Vacheron Constantin Overseas, then you should look at their top-notch quality. These watches also hold their value well and they even appreciate in value making them a good purchase for investment purposes.

vacheron constantin dress watch round

Here are some reasons why you should prefer adding a Vacheron Constantin watch to your collection:

High-quality Swiss timepiece

Being a Swiss watchmaker, Vacheron Constantin not only makes unique watches but also uses the highest-quality materials. It is a trait that every Swiss watch brand, including Rolex follows. With incredible design and engineering, the brand has produced some of the finest watches for men and women alike. It is not just the manufacturing but also the servicing of the watches is taken care of by high craftsmanship standards.

Heritage value

One of the major reasons to buy a Vacheron Constantin watch would be its heritage value. The company has been around since 1755 making it one of the oldest watch manufacturers. With this experience, the company has been producing some notable traditional watches that offer innovation and diversity. They have also showcased bold aesthetics and distinctive style with women’s pendant watches, pocket watches, and early wristwatches.

The vacheron collection

Investment opportunity

Just like other luxury and vintage watch brands, Vacheron Constantin also holds value extremely well. If you have been looking to invest in a good luxury watch, this brand should definitely be on your radar. Some of their vintage models have been sold at high prices at the auctions.

In case you are looking to invest in one, you can reach out to WatchMaestro and we will help you out in making a wise choice. With the years of experience in the watch industry, our team will be able to gather the right set of information through market research and suggest to you the exact model that has the potential to go up in value in the coming months or years.

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Written By Kevin Ghassemi

Kevin Ghassemi is WatchMaestro's Operations Manager, responsible for sales and purchases of watches. He engages personally with clients, bonding over their shared passion for timepieces. In his leisure, he shares his expertise on social media and occasionally contributes to blog posts.

Frequently asked questions about Vacheron Constantin watches

Can I sell my Vacheron Constantin watch in Dubai?

Absolutely. You can bring your Vacheron Constantin watch to WatchMaestro and we will get you the best value for it.

Where can I get my Vacheron Constantin watch serviced in the UAE?

In the UAE, WatchMaestro offers watch services for all the major brands including Vacheron Constantin, Rolex, Patek Philippe and others.

What is the Holy Trinity of watches?

The ‘Holy Trinity of the Swiss watchmaking is referred to as the big 3 watchmakers in the world, which include Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Vacheron Constantin.

Who owns the Vacheron Constantin brand now?

The brand Vacheron Constantin is currently owned by the Richemont Group, which also owns other Swiss luxury brands like Cartier, IWC Schaffhausen and more.

Are Vacheron Constantin watches cheaper in Dubai?

Yes, due to the lower taxes, it is cheaper to buy a Vacheron Constantin watch in Dubai. You can strike an even better deal on your next purchase with WatchMaestro.

Do Vacheron Constantin watches hold value?

Yes, Vacheron Constantin watches do hold their value well. If you are seeking investment opportunities with your next high-end watch purchase, the team at WatchMaestro can help you out in making a wise decision.

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