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Rolex Tiffany

Rolex Tiffany is a nickname for the Oyster Perpetual model featuring the new Turquoise Blue dial. It is because the new dial color reminds many people of the “Tiffany Blue” color. But it actually has nothing to do with the New York jeweler. The whole story about the Rolex Oyster Perpetual “Tiffany” has been quite fascinating. What’s even more fascinating is the watch itself. You can check out our collection of Rolex Tiffany watches here.

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Rolex Tiffany: The dial color that picked the most attention

Some of the best things in the world are born from simplicity. Rolex Oyster Perpetual line is a true example of that statement. Rolex released the 41mm Oyster Perpetual in 2020. It was added to the Rolex OP portfolio alongside the 36, 34, 31, and 28mm versions. It allowed users with bigger wrists to go for something that looked a little small. With the new size, Rolex introduced seven color options. One of these dial colors was the all-new Turquoise Blue dial.

Rolex Tiffany

The same-colored dial was also introduced in the 36mm and 31mm models. While it did quite well for the 41mm and 36mm variants, it could have done better for the 31mm version. Rolex Tiffany 41mm picked up right after the Swiss watch manufacturer discontinued the model. As for the 36mm, the demand for that size has been increasing in the Oyster Perpetual line.

Why an Oyster Perpetual

Though no one knows why Rolex chose the Oyster Perpetual for this special dial color, a few things are understandable here. Oyster Perpetual is a simple yet elegant line up of watches. It does what it has been designed to do, and it does it right. The watch does not feature any complications and features a clean dial design.

The watch goes well with a suit and even looks great when paired with a t-shirt and jeans. The Turquoise Blue dial just added the extra flare to the watch making it even more desirable than it already is.

What’s so special about the dial

Rolex Tiffany dial picked up its popularity from the resemblance to the color of the brand Tiffany & Co. Besides that factor, the color also pops. When kept beside other color options, this one stands out. Yes, it takes away the simplicity but gives elegance in exchange.

Tiffany Blue Rolex Price: A roller coaster ride

Tiffany Blue Rolex Price

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Tiffany has seen a significant increase in pricing. This is all due to the discontinuation of a certain variation of the watch. While some variations are still in stock, it is just hard to get hold of them. Given that one of them has just been discontinued, the whole Rolex Tiffany pricing has been a roller coaster ride.

Rolex Tiffany 41

The Oyster Perpetual 41mm reference 124300 is available in several colors. The Tiffany dial is by far the most popular among watch collectors and enthusiasts. It resulted in a premium on the Tiffany blue Rolex price in Dubai. While the Rolex Tiffany 41 retailed at around AED 25,650, the watch was selling in the secondary market somewhere between AED 35,000 to AED 45,000.

Over the period, the price of the Rolex Tiffany started going up gradually. In 2021, the watch exchanged hands for around AED 60,000 to AED 70,000. As soon as Rolex announced the discontinuation of the timepiece, the price just skyrocketed.  At one point, the timepiece was selling for around AED 120,000 in the second-hand market.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36mm Tiffany

Even though the Rolex Tiffany 36mm is still available in the Oyster Perpetual lineup, it is going for a premium in the market. At Rolex UAE, the timepiece retails for a price of around AED 21,000. But due to the huge demand, there is a long waitlist to get one via the retail stores. And as it is well-known among the Rolex community, you also need a good-relation ship with the dealer to stand a chance to get on the waitlist.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36mm Tiffany

Coming back to economics, this has yet again proven that low supply and huge demand result in the rise of prices. Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36mm Turquoise Blue dial is currently selling in the range of AED 58,000 to AED 62,000. At the time of writing this, the watch market has taken quite a hit and the prices have rather fallen down. At one point, this watch exchanged hands for around AED 75,000.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 31mm Tiffany

Rolex Tiffany gained all the attention over the internet with its Turquoise Blue color reminding people of the Tiffany & Co brand. With that being said, even a 31mm variant went up in price. Since women have started shifting towards bigger sizes, the demand of 36mm versions have increased. It has also resulted in a decrease in the demand for 31mm and 28mm versions. Nevertheless, the 31mm Tiffany still gained some premium in the secondary market.

It is a watch that retails for a price of around AED 20,000. It is currently selling in the second-hand market for roughly AED 40,000 nearly doubling people’s investment in the watch. At one point, the watch even sold for an amount close to AED 47,000.

Rolex Tiffany Oyster Perpetual: A worthwhile investment?

Rolex Tiffany Oyster Perpetual

So far, the Oyster Perpetual Tiffany dial has proven to be one of the best investment options among all the recently released Rolex watches. Unlike something like a Rolex Wimbledon or a Rolex Pepsi, the OP Tiffany has managed to go up in value quite significantly. People who managed to buy the Rolex OP 41mm Turquoise Blue got nearly 4 times the return on their investment. Even the people who got their hands on the 36mm and the 31mm variants made some profit out of it.

As these Tiffany dial watches are still popular among watch enthusiasts and collectors, they are expected to go further up in value in the near future.

Rolex Tiffany does not exist!

That seems like a pretty bold statement after talking about the extremely hyped-up Oyster Perpetual. Believe it or not, it is the truth. Rolex Tiffany is not an official name given by the brand. It is a nickname being used for a watch that is officially known as the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Turquoise Blue dial.

Rolex Tiffany Blue: Story behind the name

The color of the dial was reminiscent of the Turqoiusie Blue color used by the Tiffany & Co. brand. It would have been a Rolex Tiffany only if it had the jeweler’s stamp on the dial. It is something that you can see on the Patek Philippe Nautilus Tiffany. The watch not only uses the Tiffany Blue color but also gets the brand’s stamp on its dial.

The two brands, Patek and Tiffany, have had a rich partnership history, and the Nautilus 5711 Tiffany Blue was an honor to that 170-year partnership. The 5711 is already a highly sought-after timepiece that has now been discontinued. Adding the Tiffany Blue flavor to it just made it even more desirable.

It got a lot of attention, especially due to the fact that the Swiss manufacturer was going to make only 170 pieces of that watch. With a retail price of around AED 195,000, the watch seeked a lot of attention. However, due to the limited availability, people were ready to pay any price to get it from the secondary market. That is when one of these pieces got sold for a whopping AED 23.8 million.

Right about that time, Rolex announced the launch of the Turquoise Blue Dial Oyster Perpetual. While the Patek watch was unattainable, Rolex offered a similar-looking dial for just around AED 25,000 retail.

Rolex Tiffany: Sky-rocketing prices

Tiffany Blue color is very attractive, and on an elegant timepiece like the Oyster Perpetual, the color glorified it even more. Since it was not easy to get hands-on one through the retail store, the prices of the Tiffany Blue dial Oyster Perpetual started rising in the secondary market. People were willing to pay the premium just to get ahead of the queue and get the watch with the exquisite dial.

While the prices were already hiked in the second-hand market, they just shot up as soon as the 41mm variant got discontinued. Even though the 36mm was still available, it is the bigger dial that most people prefer. There was a point where people were paying as much as four times its sticker price. Even today, a Rolex Tiffany Blue 41mm will set you back at least AED 100,000 in the secondary market.

Frequently asked questions about Rolex Tiffany Oyster Perpetual

Will Rolex discontinue the Tiffany dial?

Rolex has already discontinued the 41mm Tiffany dial Oyster Perpetual. The watch was discontinued in 2022.

Did Rolex collaborate with Tiffany?

No, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual does not feature an official Tiffany dial. It just gets a Turquoise Blue dial that resembles the color of the Tiffany brand.

Is Rolex Tiffany a good investment?

Absolutely. The Rolex Tiffany dial Oyster Perpetual models have seen a jump in price and they are expected to go further up in the future.

How long did Tiffany sell Rolex?

Tiffany-signed Rolex models were discontinued in the 1990s.

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