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Rolex Increases Retail Prices on All Models in 2024: Here’s a Full List

Rolex celebrates every new year by announcing a price increase on every model and this year was no different. While this could be a disappointing news for people in the queue at the Rolex AD, it is certainly a positive news for people who have already invested their money on these watches. The Swiss watch manufacturer does this to cope up with the increasing prices of the materials and the increase in overall production cost.

Rolex Retail Prices Hiked in 2024: A Comparison to 2023

As mentioned before, Rolex increases its retail prices every year. Last year, the prices were increased by a significant margin. This was due to the fact that the production costs were largely impacted in late 2022. However, the economy has since stabilized a lot, and this time around, Rolex has only increased its prices by an average of 4%, with some of the steel models being increased by 2-3% and an increase of 4-7% on models with precious metals.

Now that we know what is expected, here’s a close look at the newly announced retail prices for 2024. We have also compared these with the 2023 retail prices to understand how much of a price hike we are looking at.

Oyster Perpetual

The Oyster Perpetual is the entry-level Rolex that everyone looks at. While these have increased in price in the last few years, they remain more affordable than Datejust or any of the sports models. Even though these are considered entry-level watches, they are still hard to get directly from the Authorized Dealer.  Here’s a look at the Rolex watch prices in UAE for the Oyster Perpetual lineup.

Reference 2023 Retail Price 2024 Retail Price Percentage Increase
277200 AED 22,400 AED 23,050 2.9%
124200 AED 22,800 AED 23,550 3.29%
126000 AED 24,000 AED 24,750 3.14%
124300 AED 25,200 AED 26,050 3.37%


While OP is the entry-level Rolex, it is the Datejust that everyone wants as their first watch. The popular 36mm and 41mm models have increased by at least 4%, making them a tad bit harder to purchase for the fans. However, there are some two-tone Datejust models that you can find in the secondary market for under-retail. Nevertheless, here’s a close look at the price change for some of the popular Datejust references.

Reference 2023 Retail Price 2024 Retail Price Percentage Increase
126300 Oyster AED 31,800 AED 33,200 4.40%
126334 Jubilee AED 41,000 AED 42,800 4.39%
126200 Oyster AED 29,150 AED 30,300 3.95%
126234 Jubilee AED 34,800 AED 36,500 4.89%


Rolex Submariner retail price increased

The Submariner models are usually the first sports model that people go for. With the Submariner No-Date now starting at AED 37,400, these watches are still really well priced. With a mere 2-3% increase, these models have not been impacted as much.

Reference 2023 Retail Price 2024 Retail Price Percentage Increase
124060 (Black No-Date) AED 36,500 AED 37,400 2.47%
126610LN (Black with Date) AED 41,000 AED 42,000 2.44%
126610LV (Starbucks) AED 43,200 AED 44,100 2.08%
126613LB AED 62,600 AED 64,300 2.72%
126619LB AED 168,000 AED 171,400 2.02%


Reference 2023 Retail Price 2024 Retail Price Percentage Increase
126600 AED 52,100 AED 54,100 3.84%
126603 AED 70,800 AED 74,300 4.94%
136660 (Black) AED 55,800 AED 58,000 3.94%
136660 (Blue) AED 56,900 AED 59,250 4.13%
126067 AED 102,000 AED 104,200 2.16%


Reference 2023 Retail Price 2024 Retail Price Percentage Increase
336934 (Oyster) AED 62,000 AED 63,900 3.06%
336934 (Jubilee) AED 62,800 AED 64,700 3.03%

GMT-Master II

Rolex GMT Master retail price increase 2024

The GMT-Master II is among some blessed models that have not faced a massive price increase. With just about 2% price hike, the Stainless Steel models are barely affected. It is only the two-tone and full gold variants that have taken the hit.

Reference 2023 Retail Price 2024 Retail Price Percentage Increase
126710 (Pepsi, Batman) Jubilee AED 43,700 AED 44,500 1.83%
126710 (Pepsi, Batman) Oyster AED 42,850 AED 43,650 1.87%
126720 (Sprite) Jubilee AED 45,800 AED 46,600 1.75%
126720 (Sprite) Oyster AED 44,950 AED 45,750 1.78%
126719BLRO (Blue Dial) AED 162,600 AED 165,900 2.03%
126719BLRO (Meteroite Dial) AED 171,850 AED 175,150 1.92%
126715CHNR AED 162,600 AED 165,900 2.03%
126711CHNR AED 64,700 AED 66,800 3.25%
126713GRNR AED 64,800 AED 68,000 4.94%
126718GRNR AED 152,600 AED 158,800 4.06%


Just like the GMT lineup, the Stainless Steel yacht Master references have been only mildly affected by this price hike. However, Gold and Titanium models have faced an upwards of 4% price increase in 2024.

Reference 2023 Retail Price 2024 Retail Price Percentage Increase
268622 (37mm Steel) AED 45,200 AED 46,150 2.10%
126622 (40mm Steel) AED 48,200 AED 49,150 1.97%
126655 (40mm Rose Gold) AED 113,400 AED 118,000 4.06%
226627 (42mm, Titanium) AED 55,000 AED 57,500 4.55%
226658 (42mm, Yellow Gold) AED 114,400 AED 119,300 4.28%
116680 (Steel) AED 73,200 AED 74,750 2.12%
116681 (Steel & Rose Gold) AED 94,800 AED 101,600 7.17%
116688 (Yellow Gold) AED 162,400 AED 174,300 7.33%

Cosmograph Daytona

Le-Mans-Daytona 2024 price

At Watches & Wonders, Rolex released new 2023 models and the Daytona was one of them. It got the new Calibre 4131 movement and with the introduction of the new models, Rolex also brought a new Platinum Daytona with an Exhibition case back. Later in the year, the company also released the Daytona Le Mans, which is a White Gold timepiece with an open case back. With the introduction of the new reference, the prices of the Daytona lineup already got inflated. Now, in 2024, they are getting yet another price hike. So, compared to January 2023, you are most likely paying 7-8% more, depending on the model you pick.

Reference 2023 Retail Price 2024 Retail Price Percentage Increase
126610LN AED 59,200 AED 61,750 4.31%
126503 AED 76,600 AED 80,600 5.22%
126508 Oyster AED 154,800 AED 161,700 4.46%
126508 Oysterflex AED 120,000 AED 125,200 4.33%
126509 AED 166,800 AED 173,500 4.02%
126509 Le Mans AED 201,500 AED 209,900 4.16%
126506 AED 304,800 AED 311,500 2.19%


Reference 2023 Retail Price 2024 Retail Price Percentage Increase
228238 AED 151,400 AED 157,500 4.02%
228235 AED 162,800 AED 169,700 4.23%
228239 AED 162,800 AED 169,700 4.23%
228236 AED 248,400 AED 253,900 2.21%

Retail Price Hike: What happens to the secondary market?

Due to the increase in retail prices, there might be a slight reflection on some models in the secondary market. These watches will not go up in price by a huge margin, it is expected to be just a similar 2-3% increase. So, if you are buying a watch from the secondary market, it should not affect you much as you are already paying a premium. As for selling a watch today, you might be able to get slightly extra for your watch compared to what you would have got 2 weeks ago.

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