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Rolex releases new 2023 models

Rolex releases new 2023 models: First open case back launched

At the much-awaited Watches & Wonders 2023, Rolex has released some of the most exciting new models this year. While the company has not really started a new lineup, they have just updated some of the more popular models. They have also launched new variations of some models and some have just received a new dial. Here’s a quick look at everything that Rolex has announced this year.

New releases 2023

Rolex has celebrated the 60th year anniversary of the Cosmograph Daytona. Not only that, the company has also released some very exciting new material options in different models. The Swiss watchmaker has even added new dial options that look absolutely stunning.

Rolex Daytona 60th Anniversary Update

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is hands-down the most popular model in the Rolex lineup. The model has been around for 60 years now and to celebrate the moment, the Swiss watchmaker announced some updates. The Daytona lineup is now powered by the Calibre 4131 movement. The new movement features Rolex’s proprietary escapement, paraflex shock absorbers as well as a new oscillating weight with optimized ball bearing. The movement now offers a power reserve of 72 hours.

The changes are not only on the inside. The new Daytona Platinum comes with a open case back now, which is a first for Rolex. In the Platinum version, you also get an 18k gold oscillating weight, which makes it even more enticing to look at. As for the other Daytona models, the bezel is now made of the same material as the case and it just has ceramic inlay instead of being made completely out of ceramic.

New Rolex Sky Dwellers

The Rolex Sky-Dweller lineup has been updated with a new movement. With the new Calibre 9002, the watch gets a Chronergy escapement, Paraflex shock absorbers and a new oscillating weight. What excites the fans the most is the fact that the watch now comes in a new combination of 18ct White Gold paired with a Bright Black dial and an Oysterflex bracelet.

The Sky-Dweller now also comes with a Mint Green dial available only with the Stainless Steel option. There is also a stunning new blue-green dial available with the Rose Gold version of the watch.

Rolex Yacht-Master 42 Titanium

Rolex recently launched the Titanium version of the Sea-Dweller, and that was just the beginning of titanium watches from the house of Rolex. Now, they have released a new Yacht-Master 42mm made of Grade 5 Titanium. This is supposed to make the watch about 30% lighter than the stainless steel model. It features an intense black dial and it features a ceramic bezel.

New Rolex GMT Master II models

Rolex GMT Master Two Tone New 2023 release

Rolex GMT Master II family has welcomed two new variations. One of them is full yellow gold, and the other one is a two-tone variation featuring yellow gold and stainless steel. Both watches feature a ceramic bezel in a solid black and gray color combination. In order to make it more appealing, Rolex has made the hour markers and the hands with 18ct yellow gold.

Rolex Explorer 40mm

Rolex Explorer was made available only in 36mm as the 39mm version was discontinued. This made a lot of people step back from buying the Explorer. Bigger case sizes are preferred by the likes of both men as well as women. Rolex saw this trend and decided to bring a 40mm version of the Explorer.

Besides the change in the case size, the Explorer remains the same. It is still powered by the 3230 movement on the inside. It comes with the twin lock crown system and the Oysterlock folding clasp.

Rolex Perpetual 1908

Rolex 1908

Rolex has also launched a new model called Perpetual 1908, which is here to replace the Cellini. The name is a reference to the year Rolex got its brand name trademarked. The watch features a 39mm case with either a black or a white dial. It is available only in 18ct yellow gold or 18ct white gold material options.

Rolex Perpetual 1908 is powered by the Caliber 7140 movement that offers a power reserve of up to 66 hours. The movement also features an 18ct yellow-gold rotor that is visible through its open case back.

New Dial options for Rolex Day-Date

Rolex has also added a few options in the Day-Date collection. You can now get an Everose Gold Day-Date with the new Green Aventurine diamond-set dial. There is also a new Turquoise blue dial with a marble effect and diamonds on the hour markers. Lastly, there is a new Carnelian diamond-set dial available with the yellow gold option.

All these new dials look interesting and will appeal to a wide audience. These new dials do add a whole different character to the Day-Date. Rolex has also done something that no Day-Date fan would have expected. They have released a new puzzle dial option.  

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Bubbles

Rolex OP Celebration dial

With the new launch event, Rolex also wanted to have some fun. This is where the new Oyster Perpetual dial comes in. Known as the celebration dial, it is basically a turquoise blue dial with different colored bubbles on it. The new dial is available on Oyster Perpetual 31mm, 36mm, and 41mm variants.

All of the aforementioned models will soon be made available for people looking to buy a Rolex in Dubai. People can either put their name on the waitlist with an authorized dealer or they can wait for the watches to arrive in the secondary market.

Discontinued models

Watches & Wonders 2023 was not all about the new glory. It was also about some of the Rolex watches getting discontinued. Here’s a list of all the Rolex models that got discontinued this year.

John Mayer Daytona

Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold with a green dial, popularly known as the John Mayer Daytona, has been discontinued. It was a much-appreciated model among watch enthusiasts and collectors. The watch has always traded for a premium in the secondary market. With it now being discontinued, the price has skyrocketed in the second-hand market of Rolex in UAE.

Milgauss & Cellini

Milgauss and Cellini were two of the least popular models in the Rolex catalog. The Swiss watch manufacturer noticed the loss in interest among the buyers and decided to discontinue the two pieces. Classic watch lovers now have the Perpetual 1908 as an option. But the ones who are obsessive about the Milgauss will now have to look towards the secondary market.

Meteorite Dial Daytonas

The Meteorite dial is one of the most fascinating dials considering that each of them is different from the other. Their uniqueness makes them quite desirable and now that they have been discontinued, they will be going for a relatively higher premium on the secondary market. If you are looking to get a meteorite dial directly from Rolex retail, then your only option is to get the GMT Master II Pepsi white gold featuring a meteorite dial.

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