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Watch Winder Security Safe White

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Authenticated & Verified
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Instant Online Payments


Introducing a brand-new Security Safe with a Watch Winding Option, Jewelry Drawers, Smart Lock, and Alarm System. It is the perfect way to show off your watch collection while also keeping it safe. The watch winders inside the safe make sure that the watch never looses time and it is ready to be picked up and go directly on your wrist. Crafted from solid steel, this safe houses a collection of features tailored for the protection and care of your most cherished possessions. It’s not just a safe; it’s a fortress built to safeguard your valuables.

Equipped with an 18 mm Triplex Glass window, concealed hinges, and a digital lock, it ensures a robust defense against unauthorized access. The safe can either be accessed with a key, which is designed in a way that it cannot be duplicated. On top of that, there is a NFC card that can be used to unlock the safe. Lastly, you can set a customized security code and share it with your loved ones so that everyone in the family can take advantage of the safe. Your peace of mind is amplified with an in-built alarm system. If anyone attempts to enter the wrong security code or key, it will trigger a loud alarm.

Functionality meets finesse within this safe’s interior. You can store up to six watches on individual programmable rotors designed to cater to various winding needs. The soft polyurethane watch holders make sure your watch is safely tugged onto the winders. The safe also gets 3 jewelry drawers, adorned with soft velvet lining to cater to your precious accessories. Lastly, there are two multi-purpose compartments on the side that can be used to store other valuable items.

Practicality is at the forefront—the LED interior light illuminates the safe, offering visibility even in dim settings. Experience convenience, protection, and sophistication all in one remarkable safe, meticulously engineered for the guardianship of your treasured belongings.