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Video: Understanding the Rolex Crown

Rolex Crown: What to Look For?

Just like any other mechanical watch, the crown on Rolex watches is also used to wind the movement and set the time, date, and other functions of the watch. But apart from doing that, the crown also showcases some important information. And they do it by placing small dots under the Rolex logo on the crown. Having a single dot or multiple dots or even a single line can signify different things. Here’s what each symbol tells you about the watch.

Twinlock System

As explained in the video above, if you see a single line under the Rolex logo, it means that your watch features the Twinlock System. In the case of White Gold watches, the crown will feature Two Dots to depict that the watch has a Twinlock system. Lastly, a Platinum watch will feature a Single Dot ensuring users that their watch features the Twinlock system.

Triplock System

In the case of the watch having a Triplock system, it will feature three dots under the logo on the crown. If the watch is constructed out of White Gold, there will be a big dot surrounded by two small dots. And if the watch is Platinum, it will be a small dot and two big dots under the logo.

Steel / Yellow Gold White Gold Platinum
Twinlock System Single Line Two Dots Single Dot
Triplock System Three Dots One Big Dot & Two Small Dots One Small Dot & Two Big Dots

Difference Between Twinlock and Triplock Systems

Back in 1953, Rolex introduced the Twinlock winding crown that brought a double seal to the watch making it more water resistant. Later in 1970s, the Swiss watch manufacturer went one step ahead and triple-sealed the watch calling it the Triplock system. In the current lineup, all of Rolex’s dive watches and professional watches including the Daytona, GMT Master II, Submariner, and Yacht Master feature the Triplock system.

Other watch models including the Datejust, Day-Date, Oyster Perpetual and a few other models still use the Twinlock winding crowns.

Written By

Amir Fazeli

Amir, a dedicated strength and conditioning coach who transforms lives daily, is also a passionate watch enthusiast. Since receiving his first mechanical watch as a child, his love for timepieces has grown. He has a collection of watches, including an AP BumbleBee and a rare Rolex Day-Date. Amir now aims to share his extensive knowledge and passion for luxury watches with the WatchMaestro audience through engaging video and text content.

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