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Watch Size guide for wrist watches

Watch Size Guide: Which Size Watch is Best for You?

Luxury watches are offered in different sizes to suit your wrist size. You need to pick the right size to ensure a comfortable fit. Therefore, to help you choose the most suitable size, we have provided you with a detailed watch size guide for wrist watches. We have also listed some of the top luxury watch brands and their varied sizes.

Watch size guide for wrist watches

Watch manufacturers produce a standard range of watch sizes to match the preference of market requirements. Most watch sizes also are categorized under men’s and women’s watches. The different aspects of watch size will help you understand the dimensions of watches better.

  • Dial size
  • Thickness
  • Lug to lug
  • Lug width

Dial size

Dial sizes of watches are measured in diameters. Following are some of the common dial sizes you will find in luxury watches.

  • 28 mm to 34 mm: Categorized as women’s watch size
  • 34 mm to 38 mm: Categorized as Unisex watch size
  • 39 mm to 47 mm: Categorized as Men’s watch size

As you can see, each size bracket is categorized as either women’s watch size or men’s watch size. However, these sizes are not always limited to women or men.

A customer’s wrist size will determine the perfect size of watches they should wear. Smaller dials are more suited to lean individuals, whereas people with larger wrists are best suited to bigger watch dials. Picking a watch with varied sizes is ultimately subjective to customer preference.

Dial Size


A watch’s thickness refers to its case thickness. While some luxury watches carry a slim case, others have a much thicker and rugged case. Following are the different measurements of thickness found across luxury watches:

  • 6 mm to 8 mm: It is regarded as a thin watch
  • 8 mm to 12 mm: It is regarded as a watch with medium thickness
  • 14 mm to 18 mm: It is regarded as a thick watch

An interesting fact to note is that many popular brands have competed in this category to produce the thinnest watch in the world. Currently, the record for the thinnest watch is held by Richard Mille.

UP-01 Ferrari by Richard Mille is the thinnest watch in the world as of 2022. It measures a mere 1.75 mm in thickness. Wearing a thin watch or a thick watch is again dependent on your preference.

Lug to lug

Lug to lug refers to the height of the watch. This is measured vertically from top to bottom. For example, the distance from the lug closest to the 1 o’clock to the lug closest to the 5 o’clock marker is used as a reference to measure the height.

Lug width

Lug width refers to the distance between the lugs. For instance, the distance between the lug closest to the 7 o’clock marker and the lug closest to the 5 o’clock is measured.

Most watches are commonly known to have a lug width of 20 mm. However, the lug width of a watch can range anywhere between 16 mm and 24 mm.

How to choose the right watch size for your wrist?

Watch size guide wrist

You must know your wrist size in order to choose the right watch size for your wrist. The general categorization of wrist sizes is lean, medium, and oversized wrists. Therefore, you must have a rough measurement of your wrists in order to decide which size of watch you need.

Subsequently, you can ask your watch dealer to assist you with identifying the correct watch sizes as per your wrist size.

For example, if you decide to buy a Rolex in Dubai, you probably have some watch models in mind. However, we always recommend our customers to come in and take a look at the watch. Trying on the watch can help identify if the size is suitable.

Wrist sizes and the watch sizes that suit it

Following are some of the common wrist sizes and the various sizes of watches that suit.

  • Wrist sizes that measure 6 inches are considered as small wrists. Therefore, watch cases that range between 32 mm to 38 mm are more suitable.
  • Wrists that measure between 7 inches and 7.5 inches are known as a medium to average seized wrist. Therefore, 39 mm, 40 mm, and 42 mm are the most suitable sizes.
  • Lastly, wrists that measure 8 inches and larger are known as large wrists. Therefore, sizes like 44mm to 47 mm are most suitable.

Luxury watch brands and their watch sizes

How to choose the right watch size for your wrist

Several leading brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe are known to produce a varied range of watch sizes. Mentioned below are the most famous watch brands and their different watch sizes:

  • Rolex
  • Patek Philippe
  • Cartier
  • Audemars Piguet
  • Hublot


Rolex is known to make a wide range of watch sizes. Their Oyster Perpetual range of watches is available from 28 mm up to 41 mm. Now that is a sizable difference. Similarly, the Datejust models of Rolex are also available in different dial sizes.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is another luxury watchmaker that is known for producing watches of varied sizes. Their Nautilus and Aquant watches are available in 40 mm dial sizes and 41 mm sizes. On the other hand, the Neptune series is available in a 37 mm dial size.


Cartier is a watch brand that is popularly known for making small to medium-sized watches. Their Santos watch models are 39.8 mm in size, whereas the Tank Française has a 28 mm dial size.

Watch brands and their dial size

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet manufactures medium to large-size watches. The Royal Oak watches are available in 41 mm, 42 mm and 43 mm sizes. There’s also the Royal Oak Lady, which is available in 33 mm dial size.


When it comes to rugged watches with larger case sizes, Hublot is one brand that comes to mind. Most of the watch models range between 41 mm and 45 mm.

Choose the most suitable sized watch for you

Now that you have a detailed idea of what the different watch sizes are, you can choose one that suits you perfectly. When buying luxury watches, it’s always important to come in and check out the watches and then decide to buy them.

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