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Watch Collection Guide

Watch Collection Guide: Things you need to know

If you are starting a watch collection as an investment or leisure, getting access to a watch collection guide is always helpful. Knowing all the do's and don'ts of watch collection and the benefits of this practice is essential. Therefore, to help you through this process, we have provided you with a detailed watch collection guide.

How to collect luxury watches

Collecting luxury watches is a meticulous process of identifying your options and evaluating your choices. The world of luxury watches is saturated with many brands and watch models. Thus, to determine which watches you need in your collection, here are a list of points we have mentioned as part of the watch collection guide.

  • A hobby or an investment
  • Decide your budget
  • Best watches to collect for investment
  • Pre-owned vs. Retail
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Study the watch market
  • Retain the documents

A hobby or an investment

Collecting luxury watches can be part of your hobby or a lucrative investment. There is a large portion of collectors who buy high-end timepieces and turn them over for a profit.

Additionally, a small group of collectors buy watches as part of their passion. Therefore, when you decide to become a watch collector, you must also determine your intention of collection.

Knowing what kind of collector you want to be will help you choose appropriate watches for your collection.

Luxury Watch Collection Guide

Decide your budget

Luxury watches are exceptionally costly. Hence, it goes without saying that you will have to decide on a certain budget for your collection. This is important because, when you invest in watches as part of your investment portfolio, you expect to sell them for a profit.

Therefore, you will have to set a proper budget to allocate for your watch collection. It will ensure that you don’t suffer any losses due to market value downfall.

Subsequently, setting a budget will help you control your spending and limit you from splurging on luxury watches. You need to invest sensibly in premium watches to be satisfied with your watches.

A side note is that Rolex prices in the UAE have remained study, therefore making it the most desirable brand to invest in.

Best watches to collect for investment

It is perhaps the most crucial step in the process of collecting luxury watches. Collectible watches are high in value and are extremely hard to find.

Therefore you must look at the best collectible watches to maintain a strong collection of watches. It is more important for investors to consider this, as opposed to passionate collectors. Following are some of the best watches to collect for investment:

Of all the watches mentioned above, the best black collection watch is the Richard Mille RM035. This particular watch stands out from the rest with its open-worked case and premium quality materials. The current pre-owned price for this model is AED 1.7 million.

Collecting Luxury Watches

Pre-owned vs. Retail

Luxury watches are not just sold in the retail market but are also available in the pre-owned, secondary market. Therefore, you must know some points about buying from either of these markets:

  • For instance, buying certain watches from brands like Rolex is relatively challenging for a new customer. Because these brands have longer waiting times and the preference is given to longtime, loyal customers. You must understand that every customer is allowed the opportunity to buy their watches. It’s just that the waiting times are longer.
  • The pre-owned watch market, especially in Dubai, will allow you to find some of the rarest watches in the world. It is one of the factors that has made the UAE luxury watch market so popular. Therefore, if you want to start your own watch collection, make sure to scavenge the pre-owned market to get the best deals and watches.
  • Secondary market prices for luxury watches are more appealing. What we mean by this is that you get your hands on exclusive watches for the best deals. Therefore, giving you a chance to sell them for an even better value in the future.

Maintenance and repairs

Luxury watches require proper care and maintenance. It goes for watches that are both worn and unworn. Analog luxury watches require timely maintenance as advised by the brand or by us. We inform all our customers to properly store their watches in order to maintain their pristine condition.

If you want to sell your watches for good value, maintaining their condition over time is essential. While unworn watches do not require too much attention, worn watches certainly do. Also, manual winding watches require to be winded every day in order to maintain their functionality.

Study the watch market

It’s always good to stay informed and keep yourself updated with all that’s happening in the international watch market. It is especially important for collectors who are looking to sell their watches. Knowing the market conditions, the fluctuations in value and the impact of external factors will help you determine the timeline of the sale and the price point to fix.

Retain the documents

It is essential for you to retain the documents related to the watches. This is because it ensures the authenticity of the watch and also aids in maintaining the price value during re-sale. Therefore, when you create your own watch collection, store all the paperwork and documents safely.

Best Watches to Collect for Investment

A meticulous watch collection experience

Buy high-end timepieces and become a member of the watch collectors club in Dubai. If you are passionate about watches and are interested in investing in them, you must follow the points mentioned above to ensure a seamless experience.

Watch collection has become a very lucrative business for many. As we begin 2023, we see that the value and demand for watches are expected to rise based on forecasts. Hence, there is no better time to start investing in watches than now.

To get your hands on the most exclusive watches that are in brilliant condition, we advise you to check out our collection of watches. We bring you the best brands at the most attractive prices.

Shravan Poojary
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Having had a passion for all things watches, Shravan Poojary has spent his time learning and understanding the world of horology. He is a content writer at WatchMaestro, responsible for writing and providing information about all the latest collections, must-haves, and detailed comparisons of the best luxury watches.

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