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Summer Watches Features

Summer Shopping: Things to Look For In Your Next Watch Purchase

As soon as summer hits, your wardrobe gets an update and so should your watch collection. While watches are usually quite versatile, there are always timepieces that you can specifically buy for the summer and they will also serve you throughout the other months of the year. When going for a summer watch collection, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Watch Features That Make Them Suitable for Summer

Usually, people pick up watches based on their looks and whether those watches go well with their attire or not. However, when it comes to watch collectors, we always like to keep our watch collection ready for different activities. So, here are a few features that are deemed necessary to have on a summer watch.

Water Resistance

Most of the watches these days come with some sort of water resistance. How water resistant they are depends on the watch’s make and model. For example, every Rolex watch that says Oyster Perpetual on the dial is water resistant to at least 100 meters. Now there are some models that support more water resistance on that but that depends on what purpose was that watch built to serve.

With the summers kicking in, you would want your watch to be at least 100 meters water-resistant for those beach days. However, you cannot take the risk of going diving with these types of watches. For a normal swim session, you are good to go with a water resistance of 200 meters as well. But if you are going to dive any deeper, you need to look towards options like AP Royal Oak Divers, Rolex Sea Dweller and others.

Comfortable Straps

The summer heat can make some watch straps uncomfortable within just a few hours of wear. Hence, you should carefully pick a watch for the summer. While there will be some tempting options with attention-grabbing straps, but you should always opt for breathable, comfortable and high-quality rubber straps. That being said, you should definitely steer clear of leather straps as those can get uncomfortable very quickly.

Even if your watch originally comes on a bracelet, you can swap that for a high-quality strap to keep things light on your wrist.

Durable Materials

Summer activities can be tough on a watch. Hence, you should be considerate of all the materials used on a watch. For starters, a watch made out of gold can get scratched easily. So if you are looking to go out for summer activities, it is better to get a watch made out of Stainless Steel as those are generally more durable.

Also, you should pick a watch that features a Sapphire Crystal. While most luxury watches these days come with sapphire crystal, there are some Omega models that use hesalite crystals which are not as scratch-resistant as Sapphire Crystals. Choose a watch that has a sapphire crystal to avoid getting it scratched easily.

Temperature Resistance

Although this is not a problem for most watches, but under extreme heat, some watches can cause issues. Either the heat can affect the movement bringing down its accuracy. Or watches that are either made of plastic or have plastic materials on them can face melting issues. Look for watches that are designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures. Also, if you see any inconsistency in the accuracy of the watch, consider getting it serviced once.

Get a Watch That You Actually Like

While it is always good to keep the aforementioned points in mind while going watch shopping for the summer, it is also important to get a watch that you actually like. A watch design that you can somehow connect to will only help you enjoy it even more. Depending on what is planned for the summer, you can either look towards divers watches or you can get sports models made out of stainless steel.

Devesh Arora Author WatchMaestro
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Devesh Arora

Devesh Arora is a watch enthusiast and Website Manager at WatchMaestro. He is passionate about watches and loves sharing his knowledge through blog posts here. Every day, he learns more about these timepieces and enjoys simplifying the complexities of watchmaking for his readers. Devesh's goal is to make the world of watches more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

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