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Set time on Rolex GMT Master II

Step-by-Step Guide to Set 3 Time Zones on a Rolex GMT Master II

Owning a Rolex GMT Master II is a real flex, all thanks to its powerful design and unique features. One complication that makes this luxury watch a timeless classic and the best travel companion is the availability of three different time zones in it. But these time zones need to be set manually, which can be a bit of a hassle. Learn how to set all time zones in this blog by following the simple steps. 

Step-by-Step Process to Set Three Time Zones on Rolex GMT Master II

Rolex GMT Master II has managed to stay as every watch enthusiast’s top choice since 1955. Even today, this luxury watch attracts many buyers from all around the world as it allows wearers to keep track of three time zones in one place.

Understanding the Crown Positions

Before discussing how to set three time zones, let’s first explore the different positions involved in the process.

  • Position 0: This position means the crown is fully screwed to keep the watch water-resistant.
  • Position 1: This position means the crown pops out once during the unscrewing process, but it does not involve hand adjustment. This position allows you to manually wind the watch.
  • Position 2: This position means the crown is pulled out from Position 1, and you can now control the 12-hour hand in one-hour increments. The date will change accordingly when the hour hand crosses midnight.
  • Position 3: This position means the crown is all the way out, after which you can easily access all traditional time-setting functions, such as hour and minute hands to set the time. Since this watch has a hacking movement, the seconds hand stops in this position allowing the user to synchronize the time properly.

Setting the Time on GMT Master II

Setting multiple time zones on Rolex GMT Master II

Follow these steps to set the time zones.

Step #1: Unscrew the crown counterclockwise and pull the crown all the way to Position 3. The second hand will stop moving at this point.

Step #2: Rotate the crown until all the hands are positioned towards the 12 o’clock hour marker. While this is not a crucial step, it just makes things easier when you proceed towards setting the time.

Step #3: Now, you can set the time for your home/reference time zone. This is indicated by the 24-hour hand, which is also referred to as the GMT hand.

Step #4: Bring the crown to Position 2 and set the date first by moving the hour hand.

Step #5: While remaining in Position 2, you can now set the time of your current location by rotating the 12-hour hand.

Step #6: Bring the crown into Position 1 and give about 10-15 rotations to manually charge the movement.

Step #7: Close the crown by pushing it and rotating it clockwise to ensure it stays waterproof.

Technique to Read the Third Time Zone on a Rolex GMT Master II

Yes, you can see three time zones on this Rolex watch, but only two can be viewed simultaneously. For instance, if you’re in Las Vegas and want to check the time in London, then you can easily do that by reading the current time in the dial and the time back home on the GMT hand using the 24-hour scale on the bezel.

If you wish to find out the time in New York as well and you know the time difference between your current time zone and New York, then you can rotate the bidirectional bezel according to the difference and check the time by seeing the numeral the 24-hour hand is directing towards on the 24-hour bezel.

Is Rolex GMT Master II Relevant in the Age of Smartphones?

Set 3 time zones on Rolex GMT Master II

For sure, you can check all 24 time zones from your smartphone, but what will you do when you lose internet connection, your phone breaks, or your smartphone’s battery is dead? Most likely you will search for a watch to check the time.

Regardless, a watch-lover will never compare a luxury timepiece with checking time on their phone. They always want to stay in touch with the world of precision watchmaking and enjoy the happiness of wearing a high-end brand on their wrist.

For watch owners, it’s not about checking time, it’s about the bonus points a luxury watch adds to the wearer’s personality and how it makes them look.

Comparing a Rolex GMT Master II with your smartphone is like comparing any tall building with Burj Khalifa. Once you own a luxury watch in your collection, there’s no going back to any other device to check your phone.

Rolex GMT Master II: Your Forever Travel Buddy

Set time zones on Rolex GMT Master II

Check out the Rolex watch price in Dubai and get your hands on this beautiful and classic piece of jewelry to keep track of three time zones at the same time. It’s a wonderful travel buddy that anyone can get for themselves, especially those who travel a lot for leisure or work. Set the time by using the above-mentioned method and you’re all set to adorn this classic timepiece on your wrist.

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Devesh Arora

Devesh Arora is a watch enthusiast and Website Manager at WatchMaestro. He is passionate about watches and loves sharing his knowledge through blog posts here. Every day, he learns more about these timepieces and enjoys simplifying the complexities of watchmaking for his readers. Devesh's goal is to make the world of watches more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

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