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Rolex Batman vs Batgirl

Rolex Batman vs Batgirl - Difference between popular GMT Master II models

Rolex Batman got its nickname from the DC character due to the use of black and blue colors on its Cerachrom bezel. Over the years, there is another nickname that has got associated with the GMT Master II line, and that is the Batgirl. There has been a long-standing debate about Rolex Batman vs Batgirl. Which is the better one, and what is the difference to begin with? Let’s find out.

Rolex Batman vs Batgirl – What’s the difference?

Rolex GMT-Master II with a black and blue bezel is referred to as Batman or Batgirl. While the Oyster bracelet model is known as Batman, the Jubilee one is referred to as Batgirl. Yes, this means that the only difference between a Batman and a Batgirl is the type of bracelet used.

If they both have the same bezel color combination, why are both not called Batman? This is because these nicknames are not official, and they are given by Rolex fans.

Here’s why the Rolex community decided to give them different names:

GMT Master II Batgirl

After the discontinuation of the reference 116710BLNR in 2019, Rolex introduced the ref. 126710BLNR but this time only in the Jubilee bracelet. In order to easily differentiate between the two different models, the community gave the newer version the nickname Batgirl.

Rolex Batgirl GMT

At that time, Batman and Batgirl were used to differentiate between the 116710BLNR and the 126710BLNR models. Compared to the 116710BLNR, the 126710BLNR brought an upgraded 3285 movement, offering a power reserve of up to 70 hours. The new movement is also more shock resistant and resistant to magnetic-field.

While you cannot see the movement unless you open the case back, what you can see is the dial. The dial on the two models is slightly different, where the 126710BLNR got a very tiny change. The dial on the older model said “Swiss Made” below the 6 o’clock hour marker, whereas the one on the newer model featured a Rolex crown in the middle of the words Swiss and Made. This crown helped people differentiate between a 116710BLNR with a Jubilee and a 126710BLNR with a Jubilee.

Although the 126710BLNR was initially launched only on a Jubilee bracelet, Rolex later released a 126710BLNR with an Oyster bracelet as well.

Since then, any Rolex GMT Master II with a blue and black bezel and an Oyster bracelet is called the Batman. The Batgirl is referred to any blue/black bezel GMT Master II sitting on a 5-link Jubilee bracelet.

Rolex Batman – Still a fan favorite

Rolex GMT Master II Batman is a highly coveted timepiece that was introduced back in 2013. It was the first GMT Master II watch to feature a bi-color ceramic bezel. The watch was showcased to the watch community at the Baselword 2013. The two-tone design and the unique black and blue color combination were immediately appreciated by watch enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Rolex Batman GMT Master

While the Rolex Pepsi gives more of a classy look, the Batman GMT Master II gives a sporty vibe. This is why fans always prefer Batman in an Oyster bracelet. Thus, this gives Batman a slight edge over Batgirl in the watch community.

GMT Master II Batman or Batgirl – What do the celebrities prefer?

One should wear watches based on their own taste but not on the basis of what others wear. Nevertheless, the Rolex GMT Master II Batman seems to be a more popular choice among celebrities when compared to Batgirl. The Rolex Batman has been spotted on the wrists of Roger Federer, Rob Lowe and Christian Benteke.

Rolex Batgirl, on the other hand, seems to be a choice of the rapper AJ Tracey.

Price difference between the two models

Today, at the Rolex Authorized Dealer showroom, you can only buy the 126710BLNR. Though, the model is now available on both Oyster and Jubilee bracelets. In case you are looking for the 116710BLNR, you will have to check the secondary market. For your convenience, we have listed rough prices for both retail as well as the second-hand market as per the date of publishing this article.

Model Market Price
126710BLNR – Oyster Retail €10050
126710BLNR – Jubilee Retail €10250
126710BLNR – Oyster Secondary €17500
126710BLNR – Jubilee Secondary €18500
116710BLNR – Oyster Secondary €16000

Batman vs Batgirl Rolex – Why give different nicknames to two watches that are essentially the same

After reading the aforementioned information, I am sure this question must have popped into your head. All of a sudden, this has got us thinking, why is a GMT Master II Pepsi always called a Pepsi no matter what bracelet it is on? Even though you can get a slightly different shade of red and blue due to the different material used on the bezel. To recall, the GMT Master II was available with Bakelite or aluminum bezels before the ceramic one came out. But all of those models are still called Pepsi.

While the Rolex GMT Master II Batman gives a more sporty look, the Batgirl offers a more dressier look.

This has everything to do with the fact that when the 116710BLNR was discontinued, Rolex made the 126710BLNR available only in Jubilee. If the 126710BLNR was launched in both Oyster and Jubilee models, we might have never seen the nickname Batgirl.

Is Batgirl a women’s watch?

Since the watch has a feminine nickname, many think Batgirl is tuned towards women. But that is not the case. Rolex watches are designed to be unisex, and the GMT Master II has been classified as a men’s watch. The GMT Master II has a 40mm dial and both men and women can wear it.

Rolex Batgirl vs Batman – Which one should you pick?

If you have landed on this article, chances are that you are contemplating between picking a Batman or a Batgirl. The short and simple answer here would be – it depends. It depends on what you prefer. In case you are a person like me who likes a more sporty-looking wristwatch, you are going to love the Batman. But if you are a person who likes their watch to be more elegant, then the Batgirl should be your pick.

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