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Rolex Acronyms on reference numbers

Rolex Acronyms – All You Need to Know About BLRO, BLNR, CHNR, and more

All Rolex watches have a specific reference number with different acronyms attached to it. These abbreviations indicate various aspects like model, type and version of the watch. To help you understand all of the Rolex acronyms check out the details mentioned below.

What is a Rolex reference number?

A number that indicates the model is referred to as the Rolex reference number. These reference numbers are a combination of letters and numerals that help identify the model of a Rolex watch.

The first digit in the Reference number will indicate whether the watch is new or old. Rolex watch models that are new will carry 2 at the start of the reference code while older models will have 1. This rule does not apply for some of the models which include the Pearlmaster, Sky-Dweller and the Cellini.

Other numbers following the first digit identify the model of the watch. That is the next three digital will represent the various models of Rolex watches. For instance, the numbers ‘140’ will be found on the Rolex Submariner, and the numbers ‘267’ are found on the GMT-Master II.

All Rolex acronyms and what they stand for

Rolex watches

Rolex watches in Dubai and other parts of the world are identified based on certain acronyms and reference numbers. As of now, there are a couple of different Rolex acronyms that you may have heard of. To help you understand what these are what they stand for, here’s a list mentioned below:

“Watch connoisseurs here the reference number and identify the model and specifications of a Rolex.”

  1. BLRO
  2. BLNR
  3. CHNR
  4. LN
  5. LV
  6. LB
  7. SARU
  8. GV
  9. SANR
  10. TEM


The BLRO Rolex meaning is the blue and red bezel of the watch. The Rolex GMT-Master, also known as the Pepsi, is referred to as the BLRO. In this context, the acronym is a French interpretation that is Bleu and Rouge which is shortly known as BLRO.


The Rolex GMT-Master II with a black and blue bezel is referred to as the BLNR. Known in French as Bleu and Noir, or Blue and Black it represents the colors of the Bezel. This Rolex watch is also nicknamed Rolex Batman for its color combination.

“A Rolex is the perfect ornament you need to elevate your style.”


Known by some as the Rolex Root Beer, the watch features CHNR acronym on its reference number, which stands for Chocolate and Noir. This abbreviation is used for the brown and black color of the GMT bezel.


Rolex reference

The black ceramic bezels that are found on Rolex GMT-Master’s and the Submariner models are referred to as LN. The Rolex LN meaning stands for Lunette Noire, a French interpretation of black bezel.


Found on the Rolex Hulk, the term LV stands for Lunette Verte, which refers to a green ceramic bezel. Rolex watch ref. No. 116610LV is a Submariner luxury watch that carries the green bezel, hence referred to as the LV.


The blue bezel featured on a Rolex Submariner Date is referred to as the LB. Here the LB stands for Lunette and Bleu/bleue. The reference number 126619LB refers to a Submariner with a blue bezel.


A Rolex watch with sapphire and rubies is referred to as SARU. The acronym stands for Saphirs and Rubis as mentioned in French. A Rolex GMT-Master II reference no. 126755 SARU is an example of this particular acronym.


This abbreviation stands for Glace Verte, which means green glass in French. This particular acronym is found on the reference no. denoted to the Rolex Milgauss, that is for instance the 116400GV-0001.


SANR is found in the reference numbers that are assigned to watches studded with black sapphire. The SANR stands for Saphirs Noir, a French interpretation of black sapphire. Some of the popular Rolex Datejust and GMT-Master are known to feature black sapphire.


TEM is an acronym for Tessellate Emeraude. It indicates a Rolex with emeralds in it, which are extremely rare. Hence, these particular timepieces have a higher value in the pre-owned market.

Rolex reference numbers and codes

Rolex reference number


Now that we have discussed the acronyms of Rolex, let’s break down some of the other elements of a reference number and see what they indicate.

Rolex Code Type What it refers to
Bezel Code
0 Smooth bezel
1 Rotating bezel
2 Engraved bezel
3 Fluted bezel
4 Gem-set bezel
6 Rotating bezel
7 Other bezel types
Rolex Metal Numbers
0 Stainless Steel
1 Everose gold and steel
2 Platinum and steel (Roleisum)
3 Yellow gold and steel (Yellow Rolesor)
4 White gold and steel (White Rolesor)
5 Pure Everose (Rolex patented property)
6 Pure Platinum
8 Pure yellow gold
9 Pure white gold

Luxury Rolex watches and their reference numbers

Rolex is known for producing a range of different luxury watch models. Below we have mentioned some of the most popular Rolex models and their reference numbers.

Rolex reference acronym

  1. Datejust by Rolex – 126234-0017, 126334-0032
  2. Submariner by Rolex – 116610LV, 116610LN
  3. GMT-Master II by Rolex – 126710BLRO, 116710LN, 116710BLNR,
  4. Sea-Dweller by Rolex – 126600, 126600-0002
  5. Yacht-Master II by Rolex – 116680, 116688
  6. Day-Date by Rolex – 228239, 228396TBR
  7. Explorer by Rolex – 214270, 124270-0001
  8. Oyster Perpetual by Rolex – 126000, 124300
  9. Cosmograph Daytona by Rolex – 116519LN-0038, 116500LN-0002
  10. Lady-Datejust by Rolex – 279174-0011, 178273
  11. Milgauss by Rolex – 116400GV-0001
  12. Cellini by Rolex – 50535-0002

The above-mentioned are some of the most popular Rolex models and their different reference numbers. If you observe carefully, you will note that the same model will have two or more different types of reference numbers. These are differentiated based on the features and design elements included in the watch.

Rolex abbreviation: Acronyms of the exquisite Swiss watchmaker

A luxury brand that has revolutionized the watch industry, Rolex continues to produce the most exquisite timepieces in the world. As we have discussed above, each model is tagged with a unique identification code or reference number as it is known. If you are looking to get your hands on one of Rolex’s luxury watches, you now know what the reference numbers refer to.

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