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Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar

Introducing the Latest Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar, Destro Ref. 5373P Split-Seconds

Watch connoisseurs have an early Christmas present with Patek Philippe’s new arrival. The Destro Ref. 5373P Split-Seconds Perpetual Calendar is the latest addition to the Patek Philippe range of premium watches. This luxury watch showcases the most intricate work of art with an open case back, and an elegant design. Let’s take you through all the details and highlights that make this timepiece a special one.

Features and specifications of Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Ref. 5373P

As elegant as the Patek Philippe Destro Ref. 5373P Split-Seconds seems, there are multiple layers of complexity that make this watch quintessential.

Design of the watch

This particular timepiece is based on the design of the Ref. 5372P-001, only to feature a charcoal black dial and red accents on the dial and strap. As a destro watch it has the crown placed to its left side.

On first glance you immediately notice the major differentiating factor as compared to other chronographs. The crown which is integrated with a monopusher button is placed on the left side at the 9 o’clock marker with the split-second button located at the 8 o’clock mark.

Coming to the backside of the watch, the open sapphire case-back is a standard offering on the watch. It showcases the intricate inner workings and components of the watch. However, if customers desire, they can opt for a solid-platinum finished caseback, with custom engravings as well.

Patek Philippe Ref. 5373P Perpetual Calendar

Case dimension, materials and finish

The Patek Philippe ref. 5373P-001 Split-Seconds Monopusher Chronograph has a 950 platinum case. When it comes to the dimensions, the diameter of the watch measures 38.3 mm with a thickness of 12.93 mm. The dial of the watch is protected by a sapphire crystal glass.

You will notice another element of the watch, which is the concave bezel that has been finished with high-gloss polish. This feature stands out as a design element as well.

The area between the watch lugs both on the top and bottom are finished in mirror polish while the sides of the case are finished in satin. This contrast of finish is aimed to provide a sporty aesthetic of the watch.

When we talk about the strap, luxury watchmakers aim at using materials that are posh and extremely comfortable for users. That’s exactly what the ref. 5373P-001 features.
It has a calfskin black leather strap with a unique embossed pattern and red stitched accents that run through the sides. Not to mention, the solid platinum clasp adds to the premium nature of the watch.

Dial of the Patek Philippe Ref. 5373P

Patek Philippe Destro ref. 5373P is a chronograph hence it features a relatively busy dial design. It has three sub-dials, each indicating a different aspect. The dial placed in the center, closer to the 12 o’clock marker showcases the dates through the month.


The other two dials placed on each side showcase the hourly stopwatch and seconds timer as well. You also find the date and month indicators, placed at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively. The hour and minute hands are finished in polished gloss, while the second hand is in a deep red color.

Overall, the dial has a straightforward design, easy to read dial with large numerals that have a protruding design. It also has a charcoal dial with white markers that adds to the ease of reading time.

Movement of the watch

The Patek Philippe reference no. 5373P-001 has a CHR 27-525 PS QS manually-winding caliber. It is a mechanical movement that has a wheel-control split-second timer, a 60-minute timer, and also a perpetual calendar.

What’s also very interesting is its moon phase display. The caliber is considered to be so accurate that a deviation by one day is noted every 122 years. This level of accuracy showcases exceptional refinement and craftsmanship.

This particular caliber was featured on the Patek Philippe ref no. 5372 watches and was known for its 48 hours of power reserve. However, it’s important to note that this particular will now be available exclusively on the Patek Philippe Destro ref no. 5373P-001 watches.

Pricing and availability of this watch

Patek Philippe Destro Watch

It has been announced that the watch will be produced in a relatively small series. Hence, indicating it to be extremely limited in numbers. No official price figures have been stated by the brand. Having said that the ref no. 5372 watches were valued upwards of AED 180,000. Therefore, the 5373p 001 price is expected to be somewhere around that same mark.

Top highlights of the Destro Ref. 5373P Split-Seconds

There are many components and features that make up the destro ref. 5373P Split-Seconds watch. To compress all of the important details of the watch, refer to the table below:

Patek Philippe Destro Split-Seconds Complete Specifications
Reference No. 5373P-001
Diameter 38.3 mm
Thickness 12.93 mm
Lug width 20 mm
Case material Platinum case
Water resistance Up to 30 meters (3 Bars)
Dial Charcoal
Movement CHR 27-525 PS Q Calibre with manual-winding
Power reserve Up to 48 hours
Frequency 3 Hz (21,600 Vph)
Strap Calfskin black leather with platinum clasp
Features Perpetual calendar, 30-minute counter, moon phase
5373p 001 Price Price notified based on request

What are destro watches?

A destro watch refers to a watch built for the right wrists. Destro is an Italian word that translates to the English meaning ‘right.’ This particular type of watch is purpose-built for left-handed individuals.

The term destro was coined for watches that featured a crown on the left side of the watch. This enabled left-handed people to control the watch functions through the dominant hand.

Perhaps, a watch type that was built with lefties in mind, has become significantly popular among all watch collectors today. Luxury watches like the Rolex GMT Master II 126720VTNR is also a destro watch that was launched earlier this year.

Perpetual calendar – What does this feature refer to?

A perpetual calendar refers to a watch that automatically showcases the day, date, and month. Watches that are referred to as a perpetual calendar also highlight the moon phases while taking the number of days in a month into consideration. It also automatically tracks the cycle of leap years.

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar – The most refined timepiece

Patek Philippe Glass Caseback

What’s staggering is the refinement and quality that the Destro Ref. 5373P showcases. Patek Philippe has constantly pushed the boundaries of creating exquisite luxury watches that defy the laws of traditional design. This is what makes the brand and its products stand out from the competition.

If you are a watch enthusiast looking to add a Patek Philippe to your collection, the Destro Ref. 5373P Perpetual Calendar is a great choice.

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Having had a passion for all things watches, Shravan Poojary has spent his time learning and understanding the world of horology. He is a content writer at WatchMaestro, responsible for writing and providing information about all the latest collections, must-haves, and detailed comparisons of the best luxury watches.

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