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Patek new releases April 2024

Watches & Wonders 2024: Patek Philippe launches new Aquanaut, Grand Complications models

New Hot Collections Added

Swiss watch manufacturers are getting very competitive especially since more and more people are getting into these watches. In order to coupe up, these brands have to come up with innovative ideas for their new collections. And I would say Patek just managed to hit the right spot by adding a Denim Jeans touch to its one of the most popular models – the 5980G. While this one is definitely the star of the show, the new Aquanaut and Grand Complications models are also worth checking out. Here’s everything you need to know about these new variants.

Aquanaut Collection



1. Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5164G Travel Time

The 5164G-001 combines sportiness with practicality. The new blue-gray rubber strap and the matching dial is the best addition to the collection. Its dual time zone feature allows globetrotters to keep track of home time and local time simultaneously.

2. Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5269R

The 5269R-001 introduces a touch of luxury to the Aquanaut family. Crafted in rose gold, this timepiece features a Quartz movement that offers more accurate timekeeping when compared to mechanical movements.  Its bold octagonal case and embossed dial create a great balance between ruggedness and refinement. What does set this watch apart is the bold Arabic numerals on the dial.

3. Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5268/461G

The Aquanaut Luce 5268/461G transcends mere timekeeping; it’s a wearable masterpiece. It features a dial adorned with a celestial mosaic of baguette-cut diamonds and sapphires, meticulously set to create a mesmerizing play of light. Even the hour markers are blue sapphires on this piece.

To begin with, this masterpiece features 40 baguette sapphires on the bezel which are set in a light to dark blue gradient. These sapphires total up to 3.6 cts. The watch even has 8 baguette diamonds (0.58 ct) on the lugs. Setting the watch apart, the dial flaunts 20 baguette sapphires (1.13 ct), 20 baguette diamonds (1.12 ct) and 12 baguette sapphires (0.56 ct) on the hour markers. Furthermore, the dial has 160 diamonds (0.71 ct) on the hour ring. Lastly, there are 10 baguette diamonds (0.33 ct) on the clasp. This brings the total number of gemstones to 72 baguette-cut sapphires (5.29 cts), 38 baguette-cut diamonds (2.03 cts) and 160 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.71 ct).

Nautilus Collection


1. Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980/60G White Gold Chronograph

Under the Nautilus collection, it is only the 5980G that got a new variant. The 5980/60G-001, in white gold, gets a new denim-style strap, which gives it a modern look. To go with that, Patek has added a blue-grey dial making the watch look class apart. This one will definitely attract the youth as it offers a unique look. Whether at the racetrack or a black-tie event, this Nautilus commands attention.

Devesh Arora Author WatchMaestro
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Devesh Arora

Devesh Arora is a watch enthusiast and Website Manager at WatchMaestro. He is passionate about watches and loves sharing his knowledge through blog posts here. Every day, he learns more about these timepieces and enjoys simplifying the complexities of watchmaking for his readers. Devesh's goal is to make the world of watches more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

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