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Luxury Smartwatches

Luxury Smartwatches: Functionality and Extravagance 2024

Watchmaking has transformed itself over the last 20 years. From the moment digital watches came into existence, the dynamics of watchmaking have changed. Today your smartwatches can not just tell you the time but can help you listen to music, receive calls, and even read your emails. In this article, we delve into the world of luxury smartwatches and understand the different leaders in this segment.

Luxury smart watches

Luxury smartwatches offer extensive features and connectivity to your mobile devices. While many high end smart watches work with your mobile, some watches function independently.

We have all heard of the company Fitbit which produces fitness watches. These watches are also categorized as smart watches but operate differently than an Apple Watch.

The features you get in a Fitbit watch are basic health trackers and call and message notifications. On the other hand, an Apple Watch will allow you to watch videos, view photos, read long emails, listen to music, and whatnot. It is worth noting that all of this is done on a 44 mm case-size screen with HD resolution.

Top 6 Luxury Smart watches

Top 6 high end smart watches

There are plenty of brands that offer luxury smartwatches today. We have listed below the top 6 luxury smartwatches you should know about.

  • Samsung Galaxy smartwatch
  • Apple Watch
  • Fossil smartwatch Gen 5
  • Garmin Marq Limited Edition smartwatches
  • Tag Heuer connected modular smartwatch
  • Montblanc Summit 3 smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy smartwatch

One of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world, Samsung, offers some of the best smartwatches. Their latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes in a sleek case with customizable watch faces and a user-friendly interface.

Samsung offers the watch in two sizes, a 41 mm case and a 45 mm case. The watch’s display comprises Gorilla DX, which offers excellent durability and scratch resistance in harsh conditions. What’s interesting is that the watch features a rotatable dial, which helps you toggle through the options.

Samsung Smartwatch

Apple Watch

Arguably the best luxury smartwatch in the world, the Apple watch series is a refined piece of technology. From sports features to health trackers and more, Apple watches are the definition of technology packed into a small package.

All models of an Apple watch feature a flexible OLED display. Just like traditional watches, you get a crown on the watch that you can rotate to switch through various options. The fit and finish of Apple watches are exceptional, giving a premium feel. Hence, these watches are referred to as luxury smartwatches.

Fossil smartwatch Gen 5

Fossil is a famous watchmaker known for producing a range of premium watches. Although they are famous for their analog watches, they have ventured into the smartwatch segment.

The Fossil smartwatch Gen 5 is powered by Google OS and is compatible with IOS and Android phones. It comes in a 44 mm case with multiple features to play around with. Some notable features are Activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, a built-in GPS, and water resistance up to 3ATM.

Garmin Marq Limited Edition smartwatches

Garmin is another American-based technology company that started in 1989. Their specialty lies in building GPS technology which they have integrated into their watchmaking business, producing brilliant smartwatches.

The Garmin Marq series of smartwatches include a range of models like the Athlete, Commander, and Aviator, which offer excellent fitness tracking features. This particular brand is known as a contender to the Apple watches and the Fitbit fitness watches.

Tag Heuer connected modular smartwatch

Tag Heuer is a luxury brand that produces premium watches. The company has recently branched into producing smartwatches, offering a range of great products. Their latest Modular 45 watch features a crisp AMOLED display with in-house design software.

Montblanc Summit 3 smartwatch

The Montblanc Summit 3 is popularly referred to as one of the best luxury smartwatches offered by the prestigious premium brand, Montblanc. Combining advanced smartwatch technology with classic design elements, the Summit 3 offers a seamless blend of style, functionality and practicality. Hence, if you are looking for an upscale and elegant watch with all the necessary health tracking features, you can invest in the Montblanc Summit 3.

Smartwatch vs. luxury watch

When it comes to watches, there are several different types based on style and functionality. Taking all luxury watches into one bracket and smartwatches into the other, the differences between these watches are plenty.

Let us take you through all the differences between smartwatches and luxury watches in detail.

  • The first and foremost difference between these two classifications of watches lies in their dial. Smartwatches are generally made using a digital display, while most luxury watches have a non-digital analog display.
  • The internal components of these watches are also vastly different from one another. Smartwatches are built almost like your mobile phone. It has a chip, internal memory storage, and touch sensors. In contrast, luxury watches are typically made of automatic or mechanical movement.
  • Smartwatches consist of many features compared to a traditional luxury watch. From health tracking to receiving calls and emails, today’s smartwatches’ capability is beyond belief. On the other hand, luxury watches have a fixed purpose that it serves. Watches like dive watches or chronographs offer mechanical features like measuring time in seconds. These are done using analog components rather than software.
  • Luxury watches are relatively more water resistant as compared to traditional smartwatches. This is because components are analog as opposed to electrical elements in smartwatches.
  • Luxury timepieces are made using the highest quality materials, which is why they are costly. You will find materials like sapphire crystal, stainless steel, and factory-set precious stones on luxury watches.

Most expensive smartwatch

Coming in at AED 6,790 ($1,848), the Garmin D2 Mach 1 Aviator is the most expensive smartwatch. Several other smartwatch brands produce expensive watches that are primarily gimmicky and don’t have all the features to classify them as dedicated smartwatches.

You will find a set of different smartwatches studded with diamonds and other stones, claiming to be the most expensive. Perhaps, we have chosen the Garmin D2 Mach 1 Aviator based on its classification as a proper and dedicated smartwatch.

Garmin produces a wide variety of smartwatches that have a great OS as well as an exterior fit and finish.

High-end smartwatches: A revolution in watchmaking

Luxury Watch

Wristwatches have been manufactured for over 100 years now. Brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Cartier are among the leading brands in the industry. Perhaps, these brands are recognized for producing analog luxury watches.

On the other hand, companies like Fitbit, Samsung, and Apple, are known to produce a range of different smartwatches. These watches are not mainly classified as luxury watches. But the features they offer and their premium price tag bring them under the category of luxury smartwatches.

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