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Jake Gyllenhaal watch collection

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Watch Collection

Award-winning Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal is said to have an amazing collection of luxury watches. He is an avid watch enthusiast with a taste for bold designs and rare timepieces. In this article, we provide an inside tour of the Jake Gyllenhaal watch collection and talk about some of his exciting timepieces.

All you need to know about the Jake Gyllenhaal watch collection

From Rolex to Breitling and Panerai and more, the watch brands owned by Gyllenhaal include some of the top watch brands in the world. Here’s an elaborate list of all the top watches owned by Jake Gyllenhaal.

  • Rolex reference no. 126610 Submariner Date
  • Cartier Santos 100 reference no. 2656
  • Panerai GMT Power Reserve watch reference no. PAM01537
  • Breitling Chronomat Evolution Date reference no. A13356
  • Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic XLS MT reference no. 241300
  • Rolex Datejust with black dial reference no. 116334
  • Rolex Milgauss reference no. 116400

Rolex reference no. 126610 Submariner Date

Rolex Submariner Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake has always admired classic watches as they suit his sense of dressing style. The Rolex Submariner Date is one of Gyllenhaal’s most-liked Rolex watches. He was seen wearing this watch on numerous occasions. This particular watch carries a subtle design, making it suitable for all kinds of formal and casual attire.

Some notable elements of the Submariner Date include a black dial and bezel. It has lume hour markers as opposed to standard numerals. The crown of the watch is large and fluted in design, providing a sense of elegance and functionality.

It features the famous automatic 3235 caliber automatic movement with 70 hours of power reserve. The case and bracelet of the watch are made using high-grade stainless steel. Another highlight in the dial is Rolex’s famous Mercedes hour hand. Being a Submariner model, it goes without saying that the watch offers exceptional water resistance, measuring a total of 300 meters.

The pre-owned prices for a Rolex Submariner will set you back AED 46,000. With some exclusive models of the Submariner going upwards of AED 100,000.

Jake Gyllenhaal Cartier

Cartier Santos 100 reference no. 2656

Based on the fearless and bold choices Jake has continued to make throughout his career, Cartier decided to hand over the mantle of ambassadorship to him. Gyllenhaal is Cartier’s first watch ambassador and is recognized as Cartier Santos’s face.

Santos de Cartier is amongst the oldest watch models produced in the world. It was first introduced in 1904 and has since been upgraded with a few softer lines for improved proportions.

The watch features a Cartier 049 caliber with an automatic configuration. It has a water resistance measure of 100 meters. This watch has case dimensions like 41.3 mm, 38 mm, and 43 mm.

You can find a Cartier Santos 100 for prices ranging between AED 35,000 to AED 45,000.

Panerai GMT Power Reserve watch reference no. PAM01537

Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted wearing this exquisite watch from Panerai during the 2006 Screen Actors Guild Awards. The actor was presenting an award along with the late actor Heath Ledger. Glistening on his wrist was the Panerai GMT Power reserve watch.

Right off the bat, you will notice that the Panerai reference no. PAM01537 has a rather peculiar shape. While most of these watches are found with a leather strap, Jake owns the stainless steel bracelet version. This particular version of the watch is a great choice, considering his classic sense of fashion.

If you look carefully, the watch’s dial has two sub dials, with one of them indicating the watch’s power reserve. It has an automatic movement with a P9012 caliber. The caseback of the Panerai GMT Power Reserve is semi-transparent, providing an internal look into the intricate movement of the watch.

Prices for the Panerai GMT Power Reserve PAM01537 with stainless steel bracelet costs around AED 30,000 in Dubai. Some of these models also go for prices above AED 50,000.

Jake Gyllenhaal Breitling

Breitling Chronomat Evolution Date reference no. A13356

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal has hinted at his passion for watches by wearing high-end timepieces in some of his most popular movies as well. The Breitling Chronomat Evolution Date is one such watch he had worn in the movie, “Nightcrawler.”

This particular Breitling watch has a rugged design with two prominent pushers and a unique-looking crown. Being a chronometer, the Evolution Date reference no. A13356 has three sub-dials. It has a 44 mm diameter case and offers up to 300 meters of water resistance capability.

Prices for the Breitling Chronomat Evolution Date reference no. A13356 ranges between AED 16,000 to AED 30,000.

Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic XLS MT reference no. 241300

Victorinox is a Swiss watch brand that produces affordable watches. In the science-fiction thriller Source Code, Jake was seen wearing this watch. The aesthetics of the watch suited his role as a U.S. Soldier.

The watch has two LCD screens that display various features. Its most prominent features include a chronograph, a countdown clock, and an alarm. The watch is fairly large in size, with a 45 mm case. Overall, the Victorinox Army Chrono Classic XLS MT is a sleek watch with all the basic features you would expect.

Rolex Datejust with black dial reference no. 116334

Gyllenhaal was seen wearing the Rolex Datejust black dial on the sets of Nocturnal Animals. This particular Rolex carries a subtle design and is made of a high-grade stainless steel material.

This particular version that Jake was found wearing does not feature the fluted bezel design. Instead, it has a smooth surface case with the Oyster bracelet. You can buy a Rolex Datejust in Dubai for prices ranging between AED 39,000 to AED 60,000.

Jake Gyllenhaal Rolex

Rolex Milgauss reference no. 116400

The Rolex Milgauss seems to be one of Jake’s favorite watches, as he is seen wearing this watch on numerous occasions. This particular luxury watch suits Jake’s personality as it showcases innovation and style.

What’s interesting about the watch is its combination of colors in the dial. The Rolex Milgauss has a sapphire green dial with orange accents in the dial. While the Rolex crown remains black, the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock lume markers are covered in orange.

Its second hand is also finished in orange and resembles that of a thunderbolt. This watch is a significant step forward in Rolex’s innovation and technology. The Milgauss can withstand up to 1,000 gausses of force. It has a highly robust and efficient movement, the caliber 3131, with a 48-hour power reserve. You can pick up the exact same Rolex in Dubai for AED 38,000.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s watches: A wholesome collection of luxury watches

Jake Gyllenhaal is hands down one of the most celebrated actors in the world. He has worked in several renowned movies portraying fan-favorite characters and real-life heroes. Jake has been vocal about his interest in watches and has been seen wearing beautiful timepieces. From Rolex to Breitling, the luxury watches Jake owns are excellent, to say the least.

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Having had a passion for all things watches, Shravan Poojary has spent his time learning and understanding the world of horology. He is a content writer at WatchMaestro, responsible for writing and providing information about all the latest collections, must-haves, and detailed comparisons of the best luxury watches.

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