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How Tachymeter Works

How Tachymeter Works: Watch Mechanism Explained

Tachymeter is commonly found on most watches, and is used to measure distance traveled or speed of travel. It is a scale that is often integrated into the bezel of a watch. These markings enable you to determine the distance travel in a given time period or the speed of a moving object for a specific distance. Perhaps, there is more to it than what meets the eye. Hence, we explore this feature and explain to you in detail how tachymeter works.

Tachymeter Explained

It is a scale built into the bezel or outer rim of a wristwatch. The purpose of these markings is to help you calculate travel speed over a specific distance or distance travel over a specific time interval.

You will notice that this watch has its scale marked with numerals starting from 60 to 400, and may vary depending on the brand. The numerals highlighted on this watch represent the units of measurement, which is miles per hour or kilometers per hour.

How Does A Tachymeter Watch Work

How a Tachymeter watch works?

The scale is divided into sections indicating numbers that relate to a particular unit of measurement, like miles or kilometers.

To measure the time it would take for an object to travel from point A to point B, the user enables the chronograph function at the beginning of the distance and stops it at the end of it.

Once the distance is covered, the wearer then reads the numeral on the scale that corresponds to the elapsed time. This specific number demonstrates the speed of the moving object in miles or kilometers per hour.

Breitling Tachymeter Watch

Let’s understand the functioning of this watch scale with the help of an easy example. If a motorcycle covers a distance of one kilometer in exactly 30 seconds, the scale would indicate a speed of 120 km/h. How this is measured is that the motorcycle has traveled a total of one kilometer in 30 seconds, which translates to traveling 120 km/h in one hour.

Using this example, you now understand how simple and easy it is to use a tachymeter to calculate travel speed or distance covered.

Drawbacks of the watch

While the purpose of this watch is essential in measuring distance or speed, the feature in itself has certain limitations. Mentioned below are two of the most significant drawbacks of this scale.

  • One of the most prominent drawbacks of this watch is that it can measure the speed of travel over a specific distance only. For instance, in case the distance traveled is short, the measurement will not be accurate.
  • Another limitation of this watch’s that it can only work on an object that is traveling at a constant speed.
  • Lastly, watches that come under this category are limited to measuring speed in only one direction. In case the moving object is traveling up or down hill, the measurement will be inaccurate.

Omega Tachymeter Watch

Tachymeter: An essential watch component

A tachymeter scale is an essential feature used for measuring distance and speed. It works by measuring the time taken for an object to travel a specific distance and can also be used to know the speed of a traveling object in miles or kilometers per hour.

Rolex Tachymeter Watch

While this analogy technology does have some limitations, it is still a valuable feature to use on wristwatches. You can use this watch feature for a variety of applications, including sports, and racing. Therefore, you now understand how this particular watch type works.

If you are looking to get yourself a high-end watch that features this technology, you can certainly pick up a Cosmograph Daytona. Our collection of Rolex in Dubai will help you choose the most exceptional watch featuring a tachymeter scale.

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