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Rolex Sky Dweller Setup time

How to Setup a Rolex Sky-Dweller: Set time, annual calendar

Rolex Sky-Dweller is a one-of-a-kind wristwatch equipped with a date display, an annual calendar, and two time zones. But since it comes with two times, it often becomes very confusing for wearers to set the time on it. This is the reason why you need a guide to get through this problem and wear this iconic watch on your wrist without any worry. 

Rolex Sky-Dweller – One Watch for Every Occasion

Rolex Sky-Dweller was launched in 2012 and has been a popular wristwatch since then. Coming with two time zones, an impeccable design, an annual calendar complication, and so much more, this timepiece is just perfect for any wrist. It’s the ultimate traveler’s wristwatch, thanks to the practicality it has to offer. The classic fluted bezel gives this watch an unmatchable visual presence, which makes it a powerful accessory on the hand.

Rolex Sky Dweller Setup time bezel

Even though it’s a great watch for travelers, it does not mean others can’t wear it regularly. The Oysterflex rubber bracelet is another addition to add more comfort to the watch. Additionally, you can get it in different material options, including steel, yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. This timepiece is also water-resistant at 100 meters, which makes it good enough for regular swimmers, too.

Up until now, Datejust was the only watch with a green dial, but Rolex Sky-Dweller now has a mint-green dial, giving the watch a more refined and younger look. Simply visit our store and get your hands on this timeless, iconic and masterpiece of a watch now.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setup Rolex Sky-Dweller

Setting time on Rolex Sky-Dweller is a bit different than Rolex GMT Master-II as it uses The Ring Command Bezel, which can be rotated to four positions from 0-4. The 0 position means the bezel all the way to the right, while, 3 means bezel is turned to the left.

Here’s what each position means:

  • Position 0: You can’t change the date, month, 24-hour GMT disc, or time when the bezel is in this position.
  • Position 1: This position is used for setting the date and month.
  • Position 2: This position is used for setting the local time.
  • Position 3: This position is used for setting the reference time.

Setting the Month and Date

Rolex Sky Dweller Setup time crown

Follow these steps to set the month and date:

  • Unscrew the crown and bring it completely out.
  • Switch the bezel to position 1 on the bezel by rotating it once counterclockwise.
  • Start rotating the crown in either direction to change the date and month. The month is indicated using the red marker on top of the hour markers.
  • Bring the bezel back to position 0.
  • Push and screw down the winding crown.

Setting the Reference Time

Follow these steps to set the reference time:

  • Pull out the winding crown completely by unscrewing it.
  • Rotate the bezel to position 3. This will stop the second hand, so you can set the precise time.
  • Now, set the hour on the 24-hour disc and the minutes by turning the crown.
  • Bring the bezel back to position 0.
  • Screw down the crown by pushing it in.

Setting the Local Time

Follow these steps to set the local time:

  • First, you need to set up the reference time on the watch. One that is done, you can go ahead to the next step here.
  • Unscrew the winding crown again and pull it out completely.
  • Rotate the bezel to position 2.
  • Set the local time by rotating the bezel in any direction. The hour hand will start moving at this point in one-hour increment, while, the 24-hour disc and minute hand would stop moving.
  • Once you have set it, rotate the bezel to position 0 again and push and screw down the crown.

Make sure to always screw the winding back to the case after you have made any adjustments to prevent your watch from water damage.

Is Rolex Sky-Dweller a Good Investment?

Rolex Sky Dweller Setup annual calendar

Rolex Sky-Dweller is a sought-after piece among watch lovers. This watch was a breakthrough in the industry and has been everyone’s favorite since it was launched. Not just the design, this luxury timepiece consists of many complications, including the ever-so-famous annual calendar.

You are able to see the day, date, time, and month in one place, which is a wonder in itself since the bezel and the display are not compromised at all. Rolex is one of the few brands that can achieve such precision without overcrowding the dial.

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Now let’s come to the main question—Is Rolex Sky-Dweller worth the investment? Before we answer this question, you must know one thing; it’s Rolex. The brand is renowned worldwide and holds a great value among consumers. Aside from that, Rolex Sky-Dweller is worth every single penny as it has everything that a wearer looks for, thus, keeping the hype alive for this iconic watch. So, if you’re trying to look into Rolexes, then it has to be this one.

Get a Rolex Sky-Dweller in Your Collection Today

Rolex Sky Dweller Setup time and date

Rolex Sky-Dweller is the best timepiece that you can add to your collection. It’s on every watch collector’s wishlist, so investing in it would turn out to be a great investment for you. But sometimes operating it can be a hassle, which is why you need proper guidance to set up your Rolex Sky-Dweller. Other than that, Rolex watches tends to hold their value for a long time and with proper care, you can even pass them down from one generation to another. Don’t waste any time and get your hands on this fine wristwatch from WatchMaestro!

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