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Watch Collectors vs Sneaker Collectors

Watch collectors Vs. sneakers collectors

Collecting items that you are fond of is common practice among many individuals. Similarly, watch and sneakers collectors desire to build an extensive collection of premium watches and exclusive sneakers. The collection of sneakers and watches are quite similar but have subtle differences. Therefore, this article gives you an insight into the practice of watch collectors and sneakers collectors.

Watch collectors

Collecting watches is more than just a passion project. It is considered a lucrative business today. Rolex watches, Patek Philippe, Cartier etc., are built using top-notch materials and hence fetch an incredible value in the market.

Previously, watch collectors would buy expensive watches as part of their hobby. However, that practice has evolved into a profitable business. Although watch brands do not encourage their customers to resell watches, the practice has taken over so drastically. Hence, there’s no turning back.

The establishment of a pre-owned luxury watch market

The growth of luxury watch resale has led to establishment of a recognized pre-owned watch market. What was once a Customer to Customer transaction only has now become a B2C (Business to Customers) transaction.

As passionate watch enthusiasts, our vision has always been to cater to other individuals who share the same desire. Hence, we have established a robust network of sourcing luxury watches to bring our customers the top watches in pristine condition.

The retail watch industry and the pre-owned watch sector have been simultaneously growing. It is needless to say that these sectors have witnessed exponential growth. The rising popularity of these sectors and the ease of buying luxury timepieces has encouraged many new investors to become watch collectors.

Famous Watch Collectors

Watch collection: All you need to know about

You must know some basics about a watch collector’s practice of collecting watches and the premium watch industry. Therefore, the following are a few key pointers that give you an insight into these aspects.

  • Every watch model features a specific reference number.
  • Watches are uniquely identifiable through a dedicated serial number.
  • Watches that are limited in number are usually more valuable than the rest.
  • Certain brands like Richard Mille and Hublot are popularly recognized for manufacturing limited edition watches.
  • Rolex is one of the most prominent watch brands with substantial market value.
  • Buying pre-owned luxury watches is a great way to start with a watch collection as a hobby or business.
  • The price of a pre-owned watch is finalized between the owner and a potential buyer based on the condition of the watch and its paperwork.
  • The pre-owned watch market is great for finding rare and expensive watches.
  • Watch collectors always study the market value of watches in order to determine the right time to sell or buy luxury watches.
  • Collecting, buying and selling luxury watches is a growing business in the UAE. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity for collectors to find the best watches at great deals in this market.

Sneakers collectors

Collecting sneakers is a whole different ball game. You would be surprised to know the price of some of the most expensive sneakers sold. Sneakers collectors is a relatively new term as compared to watch collectors.

The inception of ‘sneakers collection’ practice is connected to the growing popularity of the Basketball tournament NBA. Many famous players like Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal are endorsed by leading sneaker brands.

In fact, Michael Jordan has his line of sneakers manufactured in collaboration with Nike. These shoes fetch an exceptionally high value in the collectors market for exclusive sneakers.

Sneaker Collection

Sneaker collection as a business

Just like luxury watches, sneakers are also bought and sold in the secondary market for higher prices. The price of a sneaker is determined based on its exclusivity and how rare it is to find. Many renowned collectors in the west have now set up full-scale businesses that deal in premium sneakers.

This trend has been adopted by young and enthusiastic sneaker collectors in the UAE, making it a popular destination for sneakerheads to visit. Therefore, buying the rarest sneakers is probably going to fetch you an astronomical return on investment.

Popular watch collectors

There are several leading watch collectors across the world. Many of these collectors are known for their exceptional collection of premium watches. Therefore, here are the names of some of the well-known global watch collectors.

  • Auro Montanari
  • Kevin Hart
  • Roni Madhvani
  • Gary Getz
  • Hamdan Bin Humid
  • Daniel Craig
  • Lebron James
  • Jarrod Copper
  • William Massena

Those mentioned above are the names of those individuals who have either been spotted wearing different types of luxury watches or have showcased their collection of high-end timepieces.

Well-known sneaker collectors

The list of famous individuals and their sneaker collections is vast. A large number of well-known personalities are also recognized as avid sneakers collectors. Perhaps we have curated that list to give you the names of individuals with the most outstanding sneakers collection.

  • Rashed Belhasa
  • Jordan Michael Geller
  • Mark Wahlberg
  • DJ Khaled
  • Chris Paul
  • PJ Tucker
  • Jeff Cheung
  • Irene Yu

Therefore, those mentioned above are famous personalities who are known to have a stunning collection of some of the most valuable sneakers. Of all the names mentioned above, Jordan Michael Geller is a world record holder for the most sneakers owned by a private individual.

He is known to have more than 2,000 sneakers, many of which are highly limited. Hence, you now understand the extent of passion and dedication people have toward building a sneaker collection.

High End Watch Collectors

Sneaker collectors vs. watch collectors: An Insatiable passion

Watches and sneakers were always considered simple fashion accessories that one would buy for daily or occasional usage. However, that concept has been overshadowed by the existence of premium watches and exclusive sneakers.

Today, these luxury commodities are bought and resold in the secondary markets in anticipation of higher prices. As we have mentioned above, some collectors are purely focused on building an incredible collection, while some treat these commodities as assets with lucrative ROI.

No matter what you are passionate about collecting, watches or sneakers, the UAE is a great place to establish and grow your collection. The region consists of some of the biggest luxury brands in the world, not to forget a dense population of high-net-worth individuals.

Therefore, it is a great way for new or existing collectors to expand their collections of watches and sneakers.

Shravan Poojary
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Having had a passion for all things watches, Shravan Poojary has spent his time learning and understanding the world of horology. He is a content writer at WatchMaestro, responsible for writing and providing information about all the latest collections, must-haves, and detailed comparisons of the best luxury watches.

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