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Special forces Wearing watch inside wrist

How Military Personnel Wear Their Watches?

Military personnel are often seen wearing watch inside wrist or upside down. What this means is that the dial of the watch is on the inner side of the wrist as opposed to its traditional positioning. While this might seem peculiar, there are several reasons why the military wear their watch on the inner side of the wrist or upside down. In this article, we take a closer look at the different reasons behind special forces wristwatch wearing technique.

Special forces wristwatch wearing technique

Special forces are known to carry several different forms of equipment as part of the military gear. One essential accessory that they always have on them is a wristwatch. While this might not seem like an aspect that is worth noting, the technique of wearing watch inside wrist is worth noting.

Therefore, to help you understand the intent behind the ‘watch inside wrist’ technique, check out the four reasons mentioned below.

  • Enables and assists during gun handling
  • Minimizes the possibility of watch damage
  • Reduces the possibility of reflections and glare
  • Improves focus

Reasons for wearing watch inside wrist

Enables and assists during gun handling

Military personnel are trained to handle their guns effectively. The most essential aspect of handing a gun is to maintain proper control and aim. For instance, if a military personnel were to improperly wear their watch it could hinder their functioning.

Therefore, wearing watch inside wrist or upside down is a technique that enables better control of their gun. Most armed forces are right handed, which means that the handle of the gun is held with the right hand and the left arm is used for aim assistance.

In this scenario the watch is worn on the left hand. Therefore to avoid any hindrance, the watch is worn upside down.

Another aspect to note is that during intense situations where maximum focus is required, the military personnel need not turn their wrists to view time.

Military personnel wear their watches

Minimizes the possibility of watch damage

This is a relatively straightforward reasoning, which explains why the military wear watches upside down or towards the inner side of the wrists. Wearing a watch towards the inner side of your wrists helps reduce the possibility of damages to the watch face, during combat situations.

Reduces the possibility of reflections and glare

The crystal or glass of the watch might reflect light during daylight conditions or under any form of artificial lighting. For military personnel during combat situations being discreet is important. Therefore, to avoid any reflections that may potentially give out the location, wearing watch inside wrist is adapted.

Moreover, during certain situations the glare caused due the glass, can cause distractions to the wearer themselves. Hence, to avoid such scenarios military personnel prefer wearing their watches towards the inner side of the wrists.

Ways in which military personnel wear their watches

Improves focus

Focus is key for members of the military, especially while tackling intense situations. The one thing you may have noticed while wearing a wrist watch is the need to keep checking it every few minutes.

This is a cause of distraction and can be extremely hazardous to a military during combat. In order to reduce the chances of distraction, and retain maximum focus, military personnel wear their watches upside down.

Setbacks related to special forces wristwatch wearing technique

Wearing a watch inside the wrist, or on the underside of the wrist, is considered slightly unconventional. Choosing to wear a watch in this particular manner can have some potential setbacks. Here are a few general drawbacks related to wearing a watch upside or inside the wrist:

  • Comfort and range of mobility
  • Reduces visibility
  • Strap compatibility

Comfort and range of mobility

Wearing a watch on the inside of the wrist may feel less comfortable for some individuals, as the watch case and buckle might press against the wrist and interfere with movements. While it is an effective way to wear a watch during combat, it can restrict the natural range and motion of the wrist. you can note the comfort and mobility issue, particularly during activities that require flexing or bending the wrist.

Reduces visibility

The primary purpose of wearing a watch is to easily read time and other details displayed on the watch. For special forces, wearing a watch inside the wrist can be useful during intense combat. However, at other times the watch face is hidden from easy view. This makes it less convenient to check the time without twisting or turning the wrist.

Strap compatibility

Certain watches have design features and complications that are particularly designed for wearing it on the outside. However, when you wear them on the inside, certain features and functions become less accessible, hindering their proper operation.

Wearing watch inside wrist: A strategic method used by military

Military watches

Military personnel are required to take all the necessary precautions in order to ensure their safety. Wearing a watch with its dial face on the inner side of the wrists is a method that aids a military to perform effectively. Apart from all the aspects mentioned above, one of the other things you must note is that the use of glossy luxury watches are mostly avoided in the military.

The preference of watches are the ones that have a subdued tone with leather or fabric strap. Rolex is one of the few high-end watchmakers who have developed a Submariner model specifically for the military.

This particular model features a stainless steel case with leather straps. It was one of the most successful watches issued to the military. If you are looking to buy this particular model of Rolex in Dubai, you are likely to find one in the pre-owned market.

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