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watches under aed 75000

5 Luxury Watches You Can Buy Under AED 75,000

If you have arrived at this article, you have probably made a decision to treat yourself to a luxury watch. You have even gone as far as to deciding a budget but now you are struggling with the right pick. Thats where we are there to help you out. Since it is almost impossible to get a nice watch from the AD directly unless you have a profile, we have created this list on the basis of the prices from the secondary market. Check out our top picks here.

Top Watch Picks Under AED 75,000

I would say AED 75,000 is a decent budget to begin with. You will encounter a plethora of options to choose from. From the classic Cartiers to nice sporty Rolex models, you can find everything. Just so you do not get overwhelmed with the sheer number of options in front of you, we have evaluated these watches for you and picked the ones that would be essentially best buys at this budget.

Here’s a list of watches that you can purchase through the secondary market for under AED 75,000.

  • Rolex GMT Master II Batman
  • Rolex Submariner Two Tone
  • Omega Speedmaster
  • Hublot Spirit of Big Bang
  • IWC Portofino

Rolex GMT Master II Batman

My top pick any day would be the Rolex GMT Master II. Since it is going to be hard to squeeze a Pepsi into this budget, I would be more than happy to settle for a Batman instead. As I would rather pick a newer model over an older one as it will also give me peace of mind with the 5-year warranty that it comes with. When it comes to the watch itself, the Rolex Batman looks sporty enough and the GMT Master itself is a highly regarded model among watch enthusiasts.

Inside a 126710BLNR, you are getting the trusted Calibre 3285 movement. Being a GMT timepiece, this watch allows you to keep track of multiple timezones, which is extremely beneficial for frequent travelers or expats who want to keep track of the time in their home country.

Rolex Submariner Two-Tone

submariner watch under aed 75000

Yes, my second top pick is also a Rolex. This is because they produce some of the most impressive and reliable watches. Also, if you are spending as much as over AED 50,000 on a watch, you might as well pick something that is even recognized by people who are not watch enthusiasts. With that being said, who doesn’t know a Submariner? Since the Black Submariner can go a bit understated, I would personally pick the Submariner Bluesy.

In my opinion, the two-tone look along with the Blue dial just makes the watch stand out. You should be able to find a brand-new 2024 model for just under AED 70,000. This also means that you are not paying a heavy premium over its retail price of AED 66,400.

Omega Speedmaster

If you prefer Chronograph watches, then one of the most popular options you can buy in this budget is the Omega Speedmaster. But wait, Speedmasters retail at about AED 30,000 right? Yes, they do, but since you have a bigger budget you can splurge a little to get a Speedmaster that actually stands out. Under AED 75,000, you can find a pre-owned Omega Speedmaster Snoopy in fairly good condition.

In case you are only after unworn watches, then you can get something like an Omega Speedmaster Ed White Edition that features a flat link bracelet that looks much more appealing.

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang

For those looking for bold aesthetics, the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang delivers. Available in a variety of material options, my personal favorite is the Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Ref. 642.NM.0170.RX. It features an aesthetically pleasing skeleton dial, that can be a conversation starter at the next party you go to. It even features a rubber strap keeping things both light and comfortable.

The good thing about buying a Hublot is that you can often get discounts when buying from the AD. When buying from a trusted watch dealer, you can find a Spirit of Big Bang way below its retail price. By doing this, you can potentially save a lot on your purchase.

IWC Portofino

While all the watches mentioned in the list are a bit too sporty, I have added the IWC Portofino to the list for people who prefer dress watches over sporty pieces. Under the Portofino collection, you get a plethora of options to choose from. From a simple classic Pointer Date to a Complete Calendar, you can get something that you truly like.

If I would make one statement about IWC watches, it would be – IWC watches whisper luxury without shouting.\

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Which one should you pick?

Even though we have brought your attention to only a couple of watches, the purchase decision can still be a bit more confusing. To simplify it, I would say if you are someone who only prefers Stainless Steel watches, get the Batman without even thinking twice. But if you are someone who likes the two-tone look that comes out with stainless steel and yellow gold, then Submariner Bluesy is a great pick.

For Chronograph lovers it is the Speedmaster, and for those who want to truly stand out they can opt in for the Hublot. Lastly, people who prefer more elegant watches, can look at the IWC collection. There, we simplified your buying process and hope you can now make an informed decision on the purchase of your next watch.

Devesh Arora Author WatchMaestro
Written By

Devesh Arora

Devesh Arora is a watch enthusiast and Website Manager at WatchMaestro. He is passionate about watches and loves sharing his knowledge through blog posts here. Every day, he learns more about these timepieces and enjoys simplifying the complexities of watchmaking for his readers. Devesh's goal is to make the world of watches more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

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